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  1. Freebies
    from Midel natural cookies. See here: Midel Contact Us Judi
  2. Green Living
    Hi Everyone I'm in Brooklyn, NY. The City of New York just planted a tree in front of my house. They dug and prepared a 4' x 6' area for the tree. I would like to plant some flowers or flowering plants ( not too tall & very low maintenance) in the the area beneath the tree. I'm not a gardener...
  3. General Chat
    they just checked the computer contest we are trying to win and we have 132 votes and made to page 2 of the popular vote!!!!! Thank-you everyone who have been voting for us!! So now they are very hopeful, please keep voting.... we are on P.2 of the Popular button list our name is LG CYBER...
  4. Just Tips
    My kids love to play with sidewalk chalk. We do drawings like tracing their bodies and hopscotch. What sidewalk chalk fun tips do you do?
  5. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    These make a great addition to any child's Easter basket and they are fun and easy to make. To make one each piece of egg chalk, seperate the halves of a plastic egg. Liberally coat the insides with petroleum jelly, adding extra near the seam, and then set both halves upright in an empty egg...
  6. Secondhand Shopping
    I had to run to the store this morning and found 2 bench seats with backs out on someones curb...All they need is a little TLC...structurely they are sturdy! I think I'll use them for the front porch. I love trash to treasure finds!!
1-6 of 6 Results