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  1. Dave Ramsey
    The ones that you can 'consolidate'? If say a CC or several was charging you a 14% interest rate and a Credit Union will let you borrow the amount to pay it off at 8%? Wouldn't that make sense? just one bill? Not sure what DR says about this because I haven't heard the answer so far... TIA
  2. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    What is that special dish that you only make during the holidays? Will you share the recipe?
  3. Question and Answer
    What are the many things in everyone's signatures? Challenges, etc. My signature seems limited to so many lines, is this changeable? Just wondering.
  4. Frugal Living
    Sorry, I thought I asked once before but I can't find the thread. I'm not too computer-literate!
  5. Freebies
  6. General Chat
    I'm trying to put one of those tickers like I see some people have on my signature....but it won't post!! It just shows the code I paste, but not the actual ticker. Anyone have any suggestions for me??
  7. Freebies Custom-scented Lotions Bubble Bath/Shower Gel Wedding Sachet Favors Baby Shower Sachet Favors Sachets(refer to sachet menu for scent selection)
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  9. Freebies
    Get a free sample of Old Spice Signature for hubby or SO
  10. General Chat
    i tried three times and put all the new info of Aprils challenges and applied it every time at the bottom and it wont show up, just what i already have. what am i doing wrong??
  11. General Chat
    I try to update the 900/30 challenge weekly and I will update the penny challenge monthly. What about you? How often do you update?
  12. General Chat
    Ok ~ here goes another try. After all the suspense, even if it works it'll be a REAL let down LMAO! IF it works it'll be thanks to Sherry of course, explaining to me how to upload a photo properly! And if it doesn't it'll probably be coz I'm completely stupid and I just don't get it! Thanks...
  13. Kitchen Basics
    I make a great low fat cabbage roll casserole!! It takes less time than rolling separate rolls and has a different flavor because I use ground turkey. Everyone who's had it loved it! I haven't made it in at least a year...:( Guess what my apartment warming dinner will be?;) So, what's your...
  14. General Chat
    I've done my avatar a couple of times since being here and change my signature line quite often. You?