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  1. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    Hey there everybody, I thought I might share something that helped out my small business advertise at a very low cost. If you know anything about renting billboards or advertisement you know its expensive, it is even pretty expensive (for new budding business at least) to just buy some small...
  2. Homesteading and gardening
    Oh my how the male cardinal is singing his heart out this morning, it has my heart singing too. He's been at it a good 20 min thus far, using his full catalog of "voices". What signs of Spring have you?
  3. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Jobless claims drop more than expected - Business - Eye on the Economy - Stocks & economy - and: This time the growth in jobs looks to be real - Business - Eye on the Economy - I'll take slow-steady, sustainable growth over bubbles any day, personally. Things are still...
  4. Homesteading and gardening
    One week ago it was snowing. Two weeks ago we had a foot on the ground and record cold temps. Today it has hit 50F! I went out to enjoy the sun and what do I see? My hyacinths peeking through the ground! A few crocuses and tulips are coming up too. Can't wait for spring to really arrive...
  5. General Chat
    No matter what stage of life your kids are in, do you find yourself looking for signs they they are maturing, growing up? Do some of the signs take you by surprise? My son is in his 30s, and the other day I noticed some white in his beard. Such a shocker.... This is my little boy.... Then...
  6. General Chat
    Just curious...for those of you here that sell on Ebay... in the last 1-2 yrs,have you found that it is becomming more difficult to sell your items? I have resolved to selling only during the holiday seasons b/c of this...& now, I am noticing that compared to the last 2 years, it is getting...
  7. Blog
    There is nothing more aggravating than searching for a garage sale only to drive around aimlessly because there were no signs to guide your way. Personally, I won't waste very much time hunting for a garage sale that has inadequate or missing signs. As a rule carelessly marked sales are usually...
  8. Pets
    Bella had her last heat in August, so she is due anytime. I want to get her spayed, but not while in heat, it gets more complicated and more expensive. The trainer felt she might be going into heat. Bella was off last class, and has shown some destructive behaviors. She chewed up her pillow in...
  9. General Chat
    Are the rollback signs you see at Wal-mart are sale prices? I'm confused. Today, I went to Wal-mart for the 1st time in a long time because I wanted to save money on groceries. Wal-mart doesn't seem to have much stuff on sale compared to another supermarket I go to.
  10. News you can use
    Oil markets search for signs of a bubble bursting Crude oil futures closed for a second day below $130 a barrel Friday as news of an output cut in Nigeria failed to halt the week's ...
  11. General Chat
    Gettting dirty wheather it's gardening, landscaping, or just from being outside Playing with your kids with what they like to do for fun, even if it's video games (Sadly, some parents don't play with their kids or hardly at all.) Laugh often (A child laughs on average 400 times a day. An...
  12. News you can use
    6 signs of an economic rebound By now you've had enough of the endless gloom in today's economic news: record oil prices, slower home sales, deepening loan losses, disappointing corporate earnings. What you're really looking for at this point are a few signs of hope.
  13. News you can use
    9 financial signs of a cheating spouse A checking account, an income tax return, a credit card bill or even an eBay listing can hold information that suggests someone is straying.
  14. Debt Reduction & Money Management I found this interesting.
  15. General Chat
    Here it is, Saturday morning, about 22 degrees outside, the wind is still blowing, but not as bad as yesterday. Nasty weather yesterday to say the least. Well, I take my little dog outside to do her thing and I hear a Red Winged Blackbird, singing his song. One lonely little guy, out by the pond...
  16. Debt Reduction & Money Management Some of the warnings signs sounds like me 15 years ago. But I'm learning all the time!
1-17 of 51 Results