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  1. Weddings and bridal showers
    hello I'm currently planning my soon to be wedding on Sept. I still need to find a dress, shoe, arrange some documents. will keep you updated on everything. this thread will be my wedding diary. Anyways, I plan to have a small intimate family only wedding, with church ceremony in the morning...
  2. Simple Sunday
    Overcast today. Made breakfast, fed the chickens, cut coupons, read a chapter in my book, and lunch is thawing. Going to work on cleaning the pool later this afternoon.
  3. Simple Sunday
    Happy Earth Day! Today will be a straightening up day. Already vacuumed. Used up the leftover pineapple in the fridge to make smoothies.
  4. Make It Yourself
    I had a little free time on the weekend, so I built myself a new alcohol stove, one of the pepsi can stoves. It was very very easy and didn't take long, under 1/2 hour. I followed the instructions here: Penny Stove 2.0 - Standard Tecate Cans I just used a few different objects laying around...
  5. Simple Living
    I work from 7:30 - 6pm then straight to dd's dance classes weeknights, and competitions on the weekends. Looking for simple living ideas. I'm feeling very overwhelmed. DH is basically no help. That is a whole other issue that I'm thinking about. Having trouble playing catch up with...
  6. Laundry
    I would love to try to make my own laundry soap to help save money and was wondering if anyone had any simple recipes I couple try out?
  7. Simple Sunday
    Started the day with a cup of coffee and my computer. Fed all the dogs and cat and then made pancakes for DH's breakfast with enough left for tomorrow morning. Went to Dollar Tree, CVS, and Target to pick up things for grandkids Easter baskets. Put short ribs in crockpot for dinner, made...
  8. Simple Sunday
    I started my day with a cup of coffee. Got all the laundry and ironing done. DH mowed the lawn. Went to CVS and saved $32 with specials and coupons. Made a large green salad for lunch. Cut coupons and organized them. Not going to do much else today. Enjoying the weather.
  9. Simple Sunday
    Busy day ahead. Started the day with the newspaper and a cup of coffee. Made pancakes for DH for the next two mornings. Heading out to buy supplies for my show. Today's agenda also includes ironing, couponing and looking for bargains, laundry, washing the car, and finally rehearsal. If time...
  10. Simple Sunday
    Today was a spend day I am ashamed that I let us do with out as long as we had... I put $130.00 worth of underware in layaway at K mart 4 bras for me 10 pair of panties 1 pack of socks 4 warm thick socks hubby 2 packs of undies 1 pack of socks grandma 2 packs of panties.. it was long past...
  11. Simple Sunday
    I'm working on my bathroom cabinet drawers (decluttering) and need to make a few batches of laundry detergent, too.
  12. Simple Sunday
    Good morning! We are about to head out to church and then to a birthday party. Lunch is being served there. I am ready to get back home and relax and I havent even left yet!
  13. Simple Sunday
    Good morning everyone :) We're having our usual lazy Sunday here. Did hand wash a few dishes and cups earlier, gathered up laundry and put away the futon after having a guest stay over. Will probably do a couple loads of laundry - bed linens & towels. Lunch will be leftover pizza from the...
  14. Simple Sunday
    Happy New Year everybody! I have made a big breakfast for the new year. :) We are going to visit the IL's so the DSs can see them one more time before they go home. And maybe drop off their dog with them, so we can go up north. :snowing: I am soooooo exhausted. :smhelp: I have been...
  15. Simple Sunday
    I've spent the day at home with DH and the dog, decorating Christmas gifts, baking cookies, and making soup. It's been a good, quiet day.
  16. Simple Sunday
    Today I'll be doing a little housework, buying groceries, and getting ready for the work week. I've already made my menu plan, cleaned out the fridge, and started loading the dishwasher. What will you be doing today?
  17. Simple Sunday
    Hubby decided today to build my moms dog who is 17 years old a coffin so when she passed it would be ready. about to cry it is very sweet of him. also gonna wrap presents today. done:dishes::laundry:
  18. Simple Sunday
    Spending today cleaning. Family went to church having Thanksgiving dinner over there. I am going to put up laundry and dust the upstairs. I am having a mental thing grandma really discouraged me from going to church and I have not been back. I think we have too much time together. I am spending...
  19. Simple Sunday
    I've done some sort of laundry :lol: and relaxed with DH grazing on l/o pizza & wings, popcorn and grapes along with copious amounts of coffee & tea ALL DAY :lol: What has everyone accomplished today?
  20. Simple Sunday
    Beautiful sunny day here with fresh crisp air! DH & I slept in since he's on a short holiday or long 4 day weekend from work. :D We've got nothing planned for today - taking things as they come. So far we've had a wonderful homemade breakky consisting of french toast with fresh fruit, copious...
1-20 of 386 Results