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  1. General Chat
    I'm energized to be among the new members inside your group, and hopefully I'll uncover adequate time and energy to stick around.
  2. Simple Living
    I've been trying to slow down and notice all the small things around me. Such as the way my cats snore while napping. Or by watching the birds out of my window while I wash the pans in the sink. Is anyone else doing these types of things, along with their decluttering, etc.?
  3. Green Living
    I got this idea from another forum. I chose to post it in the "Green Living" section because the things I am doing to live simply go hand-in-hand with trying to become more "Green." In the past few years, I have tried to live a more simple life and at the same time be more Green. To me...
  4. Simple Sunday
    Good Morning Everyone!!! :vibes: I've been up and about since a few minutes before 5 (my normal get up for work time). I was going to make myself go back to bed and maybe I will in a bit since I was up till a few minutes after midnight last night. I couldn't resist the quiet though. I love the...
  5. Frugal Living
    I have this intense desire to live as simply and humbly as I possibly can. Like many of you, I can do things that the average person "these days" don't or can't do... ie, via improvisation... where whether we need to or want to isn't so much the issue, but rather that we do at all. I love...
  6. General Chat
    Anyone else planning a slow moving day, or is your day packed? Today's the last day of my vacation so it's back to work tommorrow. I've enjoyed being home this week entirely too much as I always have a REALLY hard time going back to work when I've actually stayed home for my vacation. More...
  7. Goals and Dreams
    I have always envied people with houses that were cluttered free. My house is cluttered because we have to much stuff. I had a room full of stuff I thought I would yard sale off but that didn't work out. In the last 2 weeks I freecycled outgrown kids clothing, baby stuff, gave away about 6...
  8. General Chat
    Battle Hymn Of The Republic sung by students. Yes, sung in school. Recorded by one of the performers fathers and he added graphics. Very powerful performance. Enjoy!
  9. General Chat
    Today we got our final paperwork in the mail for financing commitment for our mortgage. We are very excited - not that we were doubting we'd be approved, but we were still nervous anyway - and we now know that we'll be getting our house. We're putting $23,000 down - when you add in closing...
  10. General Chat
    Alright ladies and gents whats on the agenda today??? For me I need to wander away from the net in a few minutes again and do some other things. I plan on cooking several things for the upcoming week and getting some yard work done along with lundry, general cleaning, and some more goof-off...
  11. Lifestyle challenges
    This is kinda of an open challenge. I want to simplify my life. For me right now, it would be STUFF. I want a calmer environment. I feel like every nook and corner is full. Yes, 4 kids to add to that. But we live with excess, and I want to simplify. It's not necessarily junk either. Gifts that...
  12. Freebies
  13. Frugal Living
    I read with interest the thread about the different reasons people are frugal. I've just always lead a frugal lifestyle, and enjoyed it. It makes me proud to be able to stretch a penny into a dime. People are always asking me how I make it on what I make, and my answer is simply "I don't know...
  14. Freebies
    Choice of Chocolate Crisp Food Bar or Cherry Almond Food Bar.
  15. Simple Living
    Hi friends! I'm curious and just was wondering what you consider living simply? Is it having less stuff, organizing what you do have, not buying new things unless you have to? Or is it by taking on less commitments and things to do, etc.? I long to live a simpler life but somehow never seem...
  16. Simple Living
    Hope it's ok to start a new thread. This is only my second post. How long have you all been living simply? What made you change? Did you go cold turkey or make changes slowly over time? I've been living simply for 10 years now because I married my dh who grew up in a simple home and it...
  17. Freebies
  18. Simple Sunday
    What is everyone doing today? I am: Writing a letter to a friend across the country who doesn't have internet Studying for school Straightening up the bedroom
1-20 of 46 Results