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  1. Single Mass Card – Anniversary

    A Mass said for God’s graces on an Anniversary
  2. Single Mass Card – Intentions

    A Mass Said that God grants a specific intention
  3. Home and family challenges
    Well, I was going to wait until tomorrow morning, but I figured, I'm here now, most of us don't have to work today, so why not start small today? Go to your dresser. Go on...go ahead. I want you to open up whatever drawer holds your underwear, bras, slips, etc. Now, for those of you who will...
  4. Laundry
    I was just reading Amy's question in the organization forum on laundry and I was wondering how you 'do' your laundry? By that I mean how many different piles (or colors) are there? I have a few, just blame my mother! :laugh: ~ towels ~ whites ~ lights (this is usually my clothes and under...
1-4 of 4 Results