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  1. Dave Ramsey
    If we have a $5000 debt yet want to budget for a Christmas fund of $1000 expense and get an unexpected $1100 in the mail, should we pay all of it towards the debt or create our sink fund?
  2. Dave Ramsey
    Hello. :) Dh got his bonus check so I was paying some bills today and thinking... I mean really thinking about the next years finances (don't we all this time of year. :)) This is something that I really need to understand even though I've read it here several times. Okay...lets say your...
  3. General Chat
    I came home this morning after visiting my BF to a clogged kitchen sink, courtsey of my roomates ( pry my fault as much as theirs but...) I put pro strength Pipe cleaner down, and it has not made much progess. That was 3 hours ago. I plan to try a plunger on it when I get home from work. The...
  4. Just Tips
    I am in the process of thoroughly cleaning our apartment because we're moving next week. Our stainless steel sink has a lot of rust around the drain on the right side (it's a double sink). It also has small bits of rust on the top around the faucet. I searched the internet and found out that...
  5. DIY
    I need to replace the faucet for our bathroom sink. It's one of those cheap ones with one plastic knob that goes up and down for on/off and side to side for hot/cold. It leaks non-stop. I don't think a washer will fix it because it isn't just dripping, the knob itself seems to be broken as...
  6. General Chat
    Argh! I don't know what happened, I just finished doing dishes to get ready for making dinner, and there's a huge puddle of water on the floor coming out from under the sink. The last thing I put down the grinder was the leftover Thanksgiving gravy. DH says it's leaking from the bottom, it...
  7. Home Environment
    Okay, I've cleaned my white kitchen sink. BTW, I hate it. I've got it mostly white. I've scoured away and used bleach. My stainless steel pots have left what looks like pencil marks on my sink. I can't get it off! Help me!
  8. Question and Answer
    Any suggestions for what I can pour down the sink drain to clear it out? It is not completely plugged up... it is just draining slowly lately. I dont feel like spending $6 on a bottle of Drayno.
  9. Question and Answer
    We moved into house with white ceramic?? or some material... stained kitchen sink. We don't want to replace it now. Is there a paint or something to renew the appearance for a while?? Thanks for any ideas. J
  10. News you can use
    Don’t Let Money Matters Sink Your Relationship Wedding season is here, and before deciding what the bridesmaids should wear, you need to sort out your money issues.
  11. Utilities
    anyone know which is cheaper?
  12. Home Environment
    I need some ideas for organizing underneath my kitchen sink, and my bathroom sink which is stuffed completely full. Just keep in mind I live in a two bedroom apartment with my Fiance. What type of items would you use to do so? TIA, JJ
  13. Home Environment
    I've had mine for probably 8 years now and it's really showing signs of wear & age. It has tiny cracks in the bottom. It could be resealed. I'm wondering if it's something my hubby could do himself. Purchase the materials and re-seal (if that's even the correct word for it) Has anyone ever...
  14. News you can use
    Oil prices sink after the government says inventories rose Oil prices fell Thursday after a government report showed that the nation's crude oil supplies rose more than expected last week. ... </img>
  15. General Chat
    I sure hope the village can help me out with tips for unclogging the kitchen sinks with Frugal ideas? We have tried using baking soda, and Vinegar to help but it seems that it hasn't moved the obstruction. You're ideas would be greatly appreciated, Thank you in advance,
  16. Home Environment
    It is stainless steel (?), used to be shiny, now it isn't! Have I scoured it too much? How do I make it shiny again?:morning:
  17. Home Environment
    Oh and it looks great! I was really suprised what a brillo pad can do! Can't imagine how it's going to look after I do it every night like FlyLady says.:applause:
  18. Home Environment
    I have a single one although I sure would like a double one.
  19. Utilities
    Not sure if this is where to put this, but I have a plugged drain. Have already tried the salt and baking soda method and not working. Does anybody else have any idea how I can unplug my sink drain. Also, have tried to run hot water and using plunger. None of the above are working. Any...
  20. Frugal Living
    This is something I do that never occurred to me. Dh had a day off today, noticed me doing it and pointed it out. He asked why I do it and it made me think others might be interested too. I have a rectangular shaped tub that fits into my kitchen sink. (my sink has two basins, I only have a tub...
1-20 of 23 Results