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  1. Pets
    Yesterday while walking my dog (early twilight...hard to see) she was wondering a bit ahead, and by the time I realized she wasn't checking out a CAT, it was too late :-( She got a direct hit! After checking with my Vet I got some SkunkOff shampoo which worked pretty well, but the main area...
  2. General Chat
    I'm having a stinky problem, and I really need help!!! Last Friday morning our house started to stink of skunk; the outside of our house (i.e., the neighbourhood) didn't stink of skunk...but our house did. When a daycare parent dropped off their child, he thought that the skunk might be living...
  3. Just Tips
    So I've been trying to figure out how to get rid of the cute (but really smelly) little bugger for almost a year. We have a dog and the consequences just don't bear thinking about. But I didn't really want to poison the little guy..I mean he has a right to live his little skunky life..just NOT...
  4. General Chat
    My dog got sprayed late last night. I immediately bathed her. No luck. I then bathed her in tomato juice. No luck. I bought an enzyme for skunk. She still stinks. I then tried a mix found multiple times on the net with 1 qt peroxide, 1/4 c baking soda, 1 T dish soap. She still smells and the...
  5. General Chat
    DD called me and her dog got hit with a skunk. They got the dog cleaned just fine but unfortunately, the smell is in their entire house. Evidently the dog got hit and came inside the house before they realized what had occurred. Does anyone have any suggestions what all to use to clean the...
  6. General Chat
    We've had a family of skunks living somewhere near the front of our house all summer and the smell kept getting worse and worse. We finally called the humane wildlife control a few weeks ago and they set up traps and I think (hoping anyway) that they all have been caught.
  7. Pets
    OY! Last night my bf's cat got sprayed by a skunk. Each year, heck up to 3 times a year he gets sprayed. Each time we dont let him back into the house however elderly mother does. We can keep sending him outside and she'll always let him back in. Last year we tried a pet odour removing wash...
  8. Pets
    Well, last night at midnight Baxter wanted out. SOOOOO, I opened the door, heard a big scuffle, and then... That smell! He got a bath with vinegar, most of the smell is gone. How do I keep the skunks out of the yard?
  9. Pets
    Can't blame the poor thing.
  10. General Chat
    Does any one have a remedy to get rid of the smell. The skunk/skunks found their way to the porch where we had some chairs nylon type covering we take them to outing and such any way the smell is awww I don't think the chairs were spayed but the smell is intense. Thanks for any help you may be...
  11. Kitchen Basics
    Using road kill is frugal right????? Just joking guys!!! * Exported from MasterCook * French Fried Skunk Recipe By : Indian Cookin-Herb Walker Serving Size : 1 Preparation Time :0:00 Categories : Dinner Amount Measure...
1-11 of 11 Results