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  1. General Chat
    What is going on in everyone else's workd today??? Yesterday was very hectic for us with three soccer games (one three counties away), an evening/night gathering at a friends, and the two boys being hit with the stomach virus DH had a few days ago just hours apart. Today is definately a day of...
  2. Careers
    Ugh today i am just feeling tuckered cause i didn't sleep well last night and have been gone from the house AGAIN today since 9 am. :morning: ( except i don't drink coffee)
  3. Simple Sunday
    How is everyone this morning? What's up at your place today? How's the weather? We're sleepy and lazy around here this morning. We stayed out a little late last night at a wedding and reception/bbq afterward. It was a lot of fun but we got really cold with the breeze. We ate too much...
  4. Simple Sunday
    What is going on at your house today? So far I've: cleaned one bathroom done dishes done one load laundry Need to: Pick up bedroom pick up family room clean other bathroom
  5. Simple Sunday
    With DD still being sick and up most of the night I am tired. But trying to do lots today. So far I have: - had 2 cups of coffee - placed a Christmas order - Put some barbies up for sale - cleaning out office/craft room Still to do - Laundry - see if I want to take DD to urgent care - Try to...
  6. Miserly Monday
    Its damp and cold here and I have a ton to do! I just want to curl up on the couch:coffee3: I need to get going ~laundry ~light dusting ~my bathroom ~dinner ~ clean garage (Iam making room to stock for disasters) We seem to be having more and more these days
  7. Simple Sunday
    Good morning Villagers:wave: How is everyone's weekend going? It's been a really good one here. It's soooo cool this morning here. I'm thinking that it's about time to break out a blanket for the bed on the next linen change. Have a blankie on your bed yet? What's your plans for the day...
  8. Freebies
  9. Pets
    Well, since I posted pictures of my other 2 babies I figured I needed to post a picture of Speck so I didn't seem like a bad mommy....(even though she is evil!!!!)
  10. Pets
    Here's Nemo in Favorite Spot #1 - my dining room chair - has to be mine - no one else's will do! Here he is in Favorite Spot #2 - my kitchen window sill... ( :blush: uh - excuse the nasty window - the pool is right under there & it's impossible to keep it clean with every kid in the...
  11. General Chat
    Where is everyone? Pretty lonely in the Village this morning. I was up early because my son was supposed to go snowboarding with the ski club today. They canceled due to freezing rain. This cancellation won't be able to be made up, no refund either. :( They have been able to reschedule 2 other...
  12. Simple Sunday
    Today DH and I were awoken to the telephone ringing and it was DH's boss.  He had to go into work as some equipment was broken down at one of their customer's plants and fix it.  DH is the only mechanic who lives in town, so he is the first called if an emergency happens.  Anyways, lots to do...
  13. Simple Sunday
    Good morning! I need caffeine sooo badly! :morning: Ashlee and I got in around midnight from her band competition. I had a blast! Because I was a chaperone, I got to stay with the kids and even help them set up for their performance. I was in heaven. I'll always be a! Her...
  14. Simple Sunday
    I thought I would start the thread today since it's late and doesn't seem anyone else has. DH and I slept late today til almost 10, which is way unusual for us. Today I have cooked breakfasted, done tons of laundry (folded and put away), cleaned off kitchen table, and shredded junk mail...
  15. Saving Saturday
    Well, in trying to meet my Challenge goal, I stayed up WAY too late last night and am paying the price this morning as dd went to bed at 7:50 and was up bright and early at 6:30. Dh is exercising downstairs, so I am trying to slowly wake up. Tonight, my mother is babysitting as we are going to...
  16. General Chat
    Now so I think I'll log off for a little while. I'll catch back up later. Thanks again for all you love,
  17. Gifts In A Jar
    Sleepy Time Tea Mix 1 cup decaffeinated lemon flavored artificially sweetened powdered instant tea mix 1 pkg. (0.3 oz.) sugar-free raspberry gelatin Mix ingredients together and store in a resealable plastic baggie. Give as a gift with serving instructions. To serve: Pour 6 ounces of...
1-18 of 18 Results