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  1. General Chat
    What did you decide to do for games? Was it crazy there with 10 (11?) girls? :pillowfight2:
  2. General Chat previously mentioned, I thought I would open up my virtual home to you and host a frugal village e-sleepover. Come in, wear your pajammies, grab something to drink and jabber away! All are welcome!
  3. Freebies
  4. Kids birthdays
    Next Sat. is Eleni's birthday slumber party. I need games and activity ideas! TIA!
  5. General Chat
    I know... it sounds weird... but DF and I want to plan 2 slumber parties... ME & DD (6 years old) will get dressed up for a fancy dinner DF will be our "server" after dinner, we will paint our fingernails, toenails, do make-up, watch movies, maybe do a craft together, have an old fashioned...
  6. General Chat
    Tomorrow (or even today for some of you) is Friday! Let's all get together and have a slumber party! Everyone over at my house! We'll lay out our sleeping blankets, curl up on the floor and chat waaaaaaaaaaay into the night, snickering and giggling :crackup: and playing great games! And hey...
  7. Support
    I am going to a Slumber Party tomorrow and have no idea what to expect. Yes, I know what it is and what they sell. But I am so easily embarassed...I know I will be redfaced before I even get in the door. LOL, I am such a weenie about things like that. Has anyone been? What can I expect? I do...
  8. Homesteading and gardening
    I have bleeding hearts, chives & tarragon showing their lovely selves:)
  9. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
  10. General Chat
    The boys are having 2 friends spend the night tonight so we dug out the tent. :D Poor Jeff has to get up early in the morning for work and when the boys have friends spend the night, they usually sleep in the livingroom and take up all the space on the floor and even block the front door...
  11. Family
    My dd is having a slumber party for her birthday. She is having three girls over. What can I do to keep them entertained and make her party memorable? Dh is going to be gone so I will be doing it all myself. It needs to be something fairly easy. Thanks!! I almost forgot! She is going to be 7.
  12. Family
    DD's will be 2 weeks from saturday.I don't know why but I'm excited.LOL i'm just hoping she can cope with all her friends all night long.Any advice.
1-12 of 12 Results