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  1. Home Environment
    we are moving somewhere smaller. hubby has a big problem with this. NOt sure how I can get him to think about the positive side of it? Suggestions? Also he collects actions figures is there a way to display these in a small space on a tight budget. We are going from 1200 sq feet house to 800...
  2. Home Environment
    what is the quickest and easiest way to downsize what you have I am prboably moving into a smaller place. Ty
  3. Question and Answer
    Aloha all!! My friend and I are talking about her experiences baking bread - she's a beginner, but more advanced than I am.....anyway, she's been baking bread for over a month now and finds that her bread is getting smaller and smaller. Does anyone have any ideas about what could be causing...
  4. General Chat
    Bought 2 packs of the reeses butter cups to make blizzards with, the freaking size shrunk big time!! Hubby loves his blizzads so this cheaper.
  5. Frugal Living
    Hi everyone. So I did a search to find some people that are thinking like me and here is where I ended up! :grouphug2 My wife and I had started a business a few years ago that didnt work out, and we are finally almost down to a year till we pay off almost all of our debt. Our income has gone up...
  6. Discount Stores
    I have been buying the Aldi's brand Non-Fat Instant Milk (64 oz box) for almost 2 yrs now. I have seen the price go in the past year which ticked me off at the time but I went today I this takes the cake. They have gone to a smaller box. (9.5 oz) and the price is $5.99. I asked the manager if...
  7. News you can use
    Smaller car, bigger insurance bill? So much for being Earth-friendly: A little gas sipper may save you big bucks at the pump, but your insurance premium could soar.
  8. News you can use
    Flip video camera gets even smaller with Flip Mino A company that makes an ultraportable video camera called the Flip is aiming an even smaller version at young video enthusiasts.
  9. News you can use
    Smaller daily in Albuquerque shuts down The Albuquerque Tribune said goodbye Saturday to the city it had served for nearly nine decades. </img>
  10. Question and Answer
    I presently have a large Kenmore Refrigerator manufactured in 1992. It came with my house when I bought it. There's very little in it. I was wanting to find out if it would be cost effective to buy a small mini refrigerator/freezer about 4.0 CU FT and use it, rather then that huge refrigerator...
  11. Sewing
    ~My pile of projects is getting smaller. After making the Boppy cover, then recycling my used wax into candles and then finishing an apron I started for my sister, my pile has gone down by about 1/5. Next I'm on to tote bags for shopping. I cut them out last year and set them aside. It's been a...
  12. Computers
    Does anyone know how to make a jpg. smaller? I would appreciate help on this. Thanks:angel:
  13. Family
    DD's lump on her head isn't any smaller. Today was the day to make the determination. Since the ped. office isn't open today, I have to call tomorrow. Looks like a CT scan will be in her future. I am sure they will want me to go to the Med., but it is out of "plan" and the hospital I work at...
  14. Automotive
    I watched the TV news last night and saw people frantically trying to buy fuel at 75c/ litre.  It was a special promo.  Fuel here is now between $1.20 - $1.30 a litre (US$3.95 gall).  While they waited in the queue a reporter interviewed some people and one man said it normally cost him around...
  15. Health and beauty
    I've been losing a few pounds the last six months. Normally, (even before I had the baby) I was a size 12. I have tried to be careful and eat properly and tell dh every two days "NO PIZZA!" Well, this weekend I bought a size 10. I didn't think I would quite fit into it yet but this morning...
  16. Health and beauty
    I hope I don't jinx myself by posting this but...... I had to buy me some smaller size pants. WOO HOO When I first started on the Village, I wore either a 12P or a 10P depending on the pants. Today I decided that I needed pants that fit and I bought me 3 pair (scandalous I know). I bought a...
  17. Frugal Living
    No matter what, our income will be way smaller this coming year. I've learnt to living comfortably though with a smaller income. How about you?
1-17 of 19 Results