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    Has anyone else been freaked out by the talking smileys on this site. The first time it happened I did not know where the HHHEEEELLLOOOOO was coming from. Naturally being alone this was very unsettling. Even though I know where it is coming from it still catches me off guard. Anyone else...
  2. General Chat
    When I installed XP Service pack 2 it stuffed lots of things on my computer, wouldn't let me open things etc including my smileys here at the village! :( Well I took XP2 off and I got everything back to normal! :hurray: Now i can put the smileys in my posts that I really want to use instead...
  3. General Chat
    Hello Ladies!                          Is there a place called smileys for dummies here ? lol I can only get the ones that show on the message. I want the cuties too! I couldn't give kimmee and hug! I just belly flopped my way in lol Help please  
1-3 of 6 Results