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  1. General Chat
    just curious, I seem to remember at one time, we could upload and use our own personal smilies.... just noticed I can't find my old smilies here.... is that option gone??
  2. General Chat
    think happy thoughts now...... what are your 5 (that means only FIVE....(5) it...).... favorite smiles from sara's smile box ????? and they can only be from sara's others..... here's no particular order .:couch: :thud: :grwave: :dancing...
  3. Question and Answer
    There are a few smilies that I've seen in this forum that I'd love to use and aren't showing in my smiley list. Does anyone know why?
  4. General Chat
    Or am I just now noticing all the different varieties of smilies? (maybe I'm just nuts) :toothy:
  5. General Chat
    Which one do you use the most. Yup I do and the one I use the most is this one :toothy:
  6. General Chat
    Every time ds sees that I am on the village he will say "smilies up, mommy" Heres the ones he loves the best and how he describes them: :fdance: dancing nana :paw: clue (blues clues) :football: football, wanta see football :toliet: use bathroom, want see use bathroom :bath: taking a bath and...
  7. General Chat
    This may seem weird to some but there are some smilies that I just can't use. :(  < that isn't one of them.  But the ones I can't use are: the yellow hugs smiley with the big arms.  I hate his eyes. the big smile one - too false. the "multi" smiley - I don't know what it means. the vamp...
  8. General Chat
    There is no smiley with aclothespin on his nose!! But I did find this one for Rhonda :redhat: though I am sure its not the hat she wanted!! And this one for Roxee :tache:.    :D I have them in a folder so I can see them quickly - I cheat!!
  9. General Chat
    Thanks Sara! :dead:
  10. Computers
    Smiley links go here!
  11. General Chat
    where does everyone get their smilies? I know the ones for this site. But in a few posts i remember seeing a smily driving a car, and one laughing pounding the ground laughing so hard. (or something like that) Where do you get them? Can they be used in IM's?
  12. General Chat
    down by my signature area? I see all these cute little things at the bottom of everyones posts. How can I put something on mine?
1-12 of 24 Results