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  1. Coupons Coupons Coupons Pantene North America | Facebook (I got these in the mail and got 6 coupons for all free Pantene Hair Products (shampoos) Go to Pantene's Facebook page and like them, then hit...
  2. General Chat
    Don't know if this exists here already, but I am interested in finding some folks who want to swap letters. I was raised with the art of writing letters, creating cards, etc. for family overseas, and I think it is a dying art. I would love to have a couple of people to write to who would write...
  3. Midwest Pals
    Hello... I am in Wisconsin here. Looking for snail mail pals or postcardspals. I enjoy reading, country music, swapping stickers and friendship books in the mail, and flea markets. I am: [email protected] Female or Male pals welcome.
  4. Midwest Pals
    Hiya :) My daughter's 9 years old, and would love a penpal from the USA! :D She's been wanting a penpal for ages, and now i've joined here, i saw this section and thought it would be ideal! :) I'm 27 and would also like a penpal (never had one as a child - i think i'm trying to relive my...
  5. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Do you have a P.O. Box, Rural Rt. box by the road, or a mailbox by your door on your house? We have a Rural Rt. box by the road almost a 1/4 mile down the drive. I pick up my mail each afternnon when I pick DD up from the bus.
  6. Military Families
    Hiya... I have a few friends in the Marines (although SOME Army, Navy & AF are listed too) you register, add your serviceperson and you write your letter... they download it, print it and send it FREE... I dont know if they do pictures, but it gets there a LOT faster...
  7. For Sale or Trade
    I have put together this directory within the last month or 2. Directory of 50+ Snail Mail Newsletters. Full of friendship – penpal listings, recipes, ads, sweepstakes, etc. It’s $3 and 3 stamps for a copy. Email me at [email protected] for my address if you'd like to obtain a copy.
  8. General Chat
    Yesterday I got my Nextel bill. I was shocked to open it up and see a TWO month bill! I could have sworn I got it last month so I looked in my checkbook and couldn't find where I'd paid it :sigh: Then I told Steve it seems alot of our regular mail has stopped. And some,although mostly junk...
  9. International Pals
    Computers are great but I miss the snail mail letter days of old. I live in southern Victoria, Australia. I live on a couple of acres outside a small town. I have three boys and my husband is the local policeman. I grow all my own veges and rear animals for the freezer. My hobbies are sewing...
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1-13 of 14 Results