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  1. General Chat
    :cry:Was one little special thing for my signature. :cry: I started my eating and exercise plan yesterday and I wanted a tickerfactory thingy to show my progress. I made one and they give you a bunch of codes to use and darn it, it won't work here! Any advice to make it show up in my signature??
  2. General Chat
    I love being here, but I have to go and do some stuff around the house...not that I am in the mood for this... I want to do some Spring Flinging like some of you have been doing! :D Sooooo, I will talk to you all, later!:wave:
  3. General Chat
    I keep trying ladies, but I feel like a big :loser:! Everyone wants to chat, but no one shows up. The coast is clear, my DH is asleep, lol! Meet me there before I start whining :laugh:
1-3 of 5 Results