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  1. Pets
    get a kitten!! DH went down for his Sunday nap. As usual he started snoring. Boy kitten heard the noise and must have thought that creature was growling at him and attacked. It was so funny! DH jumped up like he was shot. I guess baby claws are sharp even in your sleep!!LOL! Thankfully DH...
  2. General Chat
    His snoring has gotten so bad. I have been in tears, we went to the doc today. to see what can be done. He had a sleep study done 2 years ago and it was fine. Wll ya know things do change in 2 years. So all i can do is get heavy duty earplugs.. :furious:
  3. Laundry
    I'm sitting here folding and I keep hearing this huge ZZZZZZZZZZZ!! so finally I look over at the Levis pile and here's Kennee sawing logs up a storm. I've never heard him snore before!! BilleeBob (fweezil) snores but I haven't had a cat that did before!!
  4. Health and beauty
    Some pretty interesting things here.
1-4 of 4 Results