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  1. General Chat
    So all the buses in my area have been canceled for school. I am keeping DD home because our ten min walk will become 20 and the last time we had freezing rain then snow I slipped and hurt my hip bad. Then DD fell and hurt her back. I did get a note from the school regarding DD being absent. I...
  2. General Chat
    We have had pretty much NO snow this winter. Temps in the 50's most of the time, etc. Tomorrow we are supposed to get 5-9 inches of snow! Whoo hoo! :cheergrl: They say it will be heavy, wet snow which may take down the power lines and my generator isn't working. But, I'm a country girl...
  3. Pacific Northwest Pals
    Hi PNW Neighbors, I hope everyone stays safe and warm through the storm tomorrow. Take good care of yourselves.
  4. General Chat
    This is our first snow watch today, we've only has a small amount of snow here which is unusual for Northern IN. We're expecting 2-6 in and my area supposed to get the 6 in yikes!!!! Glad I got eggs last night and I'm off work today!!! I need to go to the dentist at 1 and that's when it's...
  5. General Chat
    Poor girl has been stuck in the house all week because of a this morning I let her out as she is better,she also wanted to put on her snow gear lol. Janine
  6. General Chat
    I'm really scared of this storm...We are without power (Thank Goodness we have a generator) and not sure when we will be restored along with million's of others that I read are also without power..I'm holding back the tears as I see my one Big Beautiful Red Maple Tree has not shed her fur coat...
  7. General Chat
    I feel so at peace and sad at the same time looking out my window seeing all those big flakes of snow and how everything is all covered...add in the woodstove that we have burning hot the smell of the wood burning just brings joy to my heart....Sad why? because Darlene comes to mind thinking of...
  8. General Chat
    Wow, what a 24 hours, weather wise. Pouring rain and warmer temps all day melted most of the snow (and brought the creek way up) then someone flicked a switch and winter came back with lots of heavy wet snow. Still snowing... come on Spring!!!! Here's a link to some pics I took this am: Album...
  9. Frugal Living
    when is the best time to buy a snow blower and what is the best and cheapest. Dh wants to start snow blowing for side money> TY
  10. General Chat
    I'm so there...
  11. General Chat
    Here it is a snow day for school children and adults alike. Probaably tomorrow too. How about you? Snow day or not?
  12. General Chat
    Since a lot of us are going to, or are already getting hit, post some photos of the snow. Maybe put a yard stick in the deepest drift or how deep it is compared to a car, a dog or whatever. Got snow already? Post a picture of before the storm and after. Get those camera's out and be creative!!
  13. General Chat
    This morning our Dutch news came with the story that at least 1/3 of the US has been hit by a snow storm. That is one BIG storm!! Everyone affected please stay save and warm. (((HUGS))))
  14. General Chat
    What do you do to prepare for it? Hopefully the power will stay on since the heat and stove is Electric but if it doesn't do you all have any suggestions for us? The only thing I know to do is pile on the blankets and huddle. It's cold so we can put the refrigerator food outside and it will stay...
  15. General Chat
    So we are supposed to hit with a wicked snow storm this week!!!!!!!!!! Severe storm headed for southern Ontario - The Weather Network
  16. General Chat
    we went out today after 10 inches of snow yesterday. the firemen were clearing around the hydrants. plows were trying to knock down the snowpiles at the end of the streets as people can't see and there are quite a few accidents. this was all on top of what we already had accumulated from the...
  17. Home Environment
    Do you pay your neighborhood kids to shovel snow? If so, how much do they get? (and how big is your drive?)
  18. Homesteading and gardening
    There is absolutely no snow in my area. There is much snow within about 50 to 100 km in all directions, yet none had fallen in my area. We have had one minor snow storm during the last three months. This is totally abnormal for this area. 1 January 2011. Weather- no snow. Picture showing the...
  19. General Chat
    So the first snow fall is here. I think it was about 12 inches of snow. Hard to tell because of the wind. Apparently the roads are manageable around here since I will be going to the grocery store. Heck, cheese is on sale. I did shovel a small path from the steps to the parking lot. Luckily...
  20. General Chat
    So who else was hit? We broke our areas previous record by getting 22 inches in 24 hours. Nothing like 4 foot drifts!
1-20 of 160 Results