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  1. General Chat
    Today, I am taking down my tree and whatever other Christmas decorations that get in my way :lol: I'm wanting to rearrange my living room so that my coffee table doesn't get in the way of the Wii but I'm stymied. I'm limited in where I can put things because even though we only have one recliner...
  2. General Chat
    I've seen several posts about weather so I guess many of us are having crazy weather. Just a few days ago it was 8° with the wind chill and the icy wind was blowing the snow up like dry dust. Today? 68° outside!! What gives?? :sun::winter:
  3. Simple Sunday
    FINALLY!! SNOW!!!!!! :) It started late last night and went all through the am...Im just wondering how bad it is out in the snowbelt regions and country roads. I love it, woke up to beautifully covered white everything! :) And its on a weekend!!! I have things to get done today and hopefully...
  4. Saving Saturday
    Hi All Well today we are supposed to get 3-6 inches of snow starting about 3pm. Yeah. So I am trying to get the running around done before it gets here. On the agend for the day 1. Grocery Shop 2. Personal Shop 3. See Dad 4. Do 2 audits for a friend 5. Send out some emails to get my...
  5. Simple Sunday
    What's everyone doing today? How's the weather? Well it's snowing here now, about 12 degrees still and there's a layer of ice under the inch or 2 of snow that we have. :snowing: I've got the baby shower (sans the baby and mother due to ice storm in Oklahoma...:( ) this afternoon. I'm dreading...
  6. Christmas
  7. Simple Sunday
    It is a sunny Sunday here, but I am sure it is snowing in other places. Today, I was wanting to have a day of rest, but I woke up early because DH had to work today. I started my day off by reading the paper. Today I have done ~ started laundry ~made a new chore chart for the boys ~packaged a...
  8. Simple Sunday
    Yesterday we had wind and rain, and when we woke up this morning we had snow on the ground. I really can't wait until this winter passes by. Dh and I are going to the grocery store, and WalMart today. I'm hoping to not spend too much money. I think I have already exceeded my grocery budget...
  9. General Chat
    Here are my views from is from my front window and one is out the back door.
1-9 of 9 Results