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  1. Soapmaking
    Can anyone recommend a good book for a beginning soapmaker? I'm interested in learning how to make soap, but want to read on it first.:nerv2:
  2. Soapmaking
    Note: I found this on another site & thought it might be nice to share. Most ingred's are frugal. Also, for those who are experienced in soapmaking could definitely adapt this recipe as they see fit. Enjoy. "Moisture Rich" is one of my most requested and best moisturizing hand soap recipes. I...
  3. Soapmaking
    So, my crafty and frugal friend and I decided we wanted to make our own soap! So, through the winter, we've been researching and checking out soap recipes and books from the library, and today we finally got together and made some! :clap: It was so much fun! I have to wait til tomorrow to...
  4. Soapmaking
    Hello, all! I am going to venture out into the world of soapmaking! Any tips for a first-timer like myself? I am going to buy a kit that has all of the utensils, fats, pre-measured lye, fragrence, add-ins, and a video. I know that lye is a caustic ingredient...any tips on handling it? It is...
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  6. Soapmaking
  7. Soapmaking
  8. Soapmaking
  9. Soapmaking
  10. Soapmaking to go along with the pretty little facecloths and dishcloths from
  11. Soapmaking
    Very informative:
  12. Soapmaking
    hopefully none of these are repeats from archive.
  13. Soapmaking This one has good solid basic directions. Sara
  14. Soapmaking
    I think I can handle the melt and pour glycerin soapmaking. :) But the whole hot/cold process soapmaking seems overwhelming to me. This is really more the type of soaps I would like to make. Has anyone made their own? Should I jump right in? I don't have much confidence in this area and am...
1-15 of 15 Results