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  1. General Chat
    I just think this story is so incredible. They found the owner of the soccer ball that washed up on Alaska coast, from the tsunami. INCREDIBLE! First off..........that he made it through alive and then that they found him. Neat story......... World News - Japanese teen traced as owner of...
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  3. Family
    OK, I'm trusting you ladies not to laugh at me. ;) Nobody in my family or close friends plays soccer, so I am clueless. DD is going to her very first soccer practice tonight. We were told that she should wear shin guards that fit under socks. Ok, we bought those, and the socks.... but is she...
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  5. Freebies Check out these sample shortcuts. You'll find fast, easy ways to do great things for your active family at mealtime, game time … anytime! Then get the complete Soccer Mom Shortcuts Book. It's yours FREE.
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    2 UPCs + $2.29 S&H.
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    This may have already been posted,if so,sorry :)
  11. Health and beauty
    This is her first extracurricular activity, and we're all really excited about it. I don't have too many details yet except that they will start playing in late March. She got her uniform tonight and insisted on wearing it to bed LOL
1-11 of 12 Results