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  1. Third Agers
    DH and I are invited to a casual dinner party in a couple of weeks and I really, really don't want to go. Just say "No", right? Well, we've been avoiding invitations from the hosting couple for a while now and, it seems, they're starting to take it personally. When DH got the invite, the hostess...
  2. Support
    a new thought came to me in the past day or so. i think i'm afraid of socializing... this is hard for me... my mum growing up never allowed ppl in the house, never went out w/friends - i always even wondered if she had any. even now, w/all her kids grown and families of their own, she's...
  3. Family
    I'm finding that I am really struggling with being sociable. The holidays are so hard for me and even going to church has become an ordeal. I'm starting to wonder if I need some kind of therapy or something. I find myself avoiding being around people as much as possible and have panic attacks...
1-3 of 3 Results