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  1. DIY
    I came up with this design for a horse trough planter for my perennials and it would work great for veggies as well. Total cost is $20 for new materials or you can build this from recycled cedar fence board or other recycled wood for nothing. Video:
  2. Homesteading and gardening
    I am thinking about getting a solar oven. It gets so hot during the summer and a solar oven might be fun to try out. Does anyone here use a solar oven? Do you recommend a particular oven? Any suggestions or ideas when it comes to solar ovens? Thanks in advance! Sinopa
  3. Green Living
    We just had a solar water heater installed. The collector is a 4'x8' panel on the roof. From a distance, it looks like a big skylight. The heat exchanger and storage tank sit in the crawlspace. The system pre-heats water entering the electric water heater, so the electricity is a backup for...
  4. Green Living
    I found this article and thought it 7 Ways To Use Solar Energy Around The Housewas very interesting. I was looking at options for using landscape lighting as emergency backup lighting in the house. I had never seen the water tube ideas.
  5. General Chat
    My 2 new wish list items... Anyone have either? Please let me live vicariously thru you... Tell me the pros & cons... I would love to have them both. I would love to have either. I would love to have an electric car that I can plug into my solar electricity at the end of the day....ah ~...
  6. General Chat
    INCOMING! Sun Blasts Another CME at Earth and Mars : Discovery News I found this very interesting I love science so thought I would share.
  7. Just Tips
    today i was at Lowe's and bought 2 solar lights then later i went to dollar tree and they had small solar lights for a dollar -bought 10 for what i paid for 2 at Lowe's--nice to have the walkway lighted
  8. General Chat
    As a result of significant events over the last few days on the sun, a severe solar storm is currently in progress. The intensity is nearly off the charts (currently at a Kp of 8.7, tops out at 9.0). If the skies are clear where you are tonight, get outside away from the street lights and look...
  9. Preparedness and Survival
    This is pretty neat!
  10. General Chat
    Do you have a Solar Oven? I plan to buy a Solar Oven in the next couple of weeks and would love to know what you like about your Solar Oven. Where is the best place to order one? What is a good size to buy? Where can I find the best price? Thank you in advance :)
  11. General Chat
    Great opportunity to look at northern lights tonight. I might take out the camera if it's clear and see if I can capture some of this magic. :) - Solar Tsunami to Strike Earth Tonight Solar plasma aurora storm to hit Earth tomorrow! ? The Register Solar eruption sets stage for...
  12. Homesteading and gardening
    I just uploaded this. I think this is a rather simple, elegant and cheap (!!) design for food dryer.
  13. Make It Yourself
    I have read on a couple of posts that people use "heat grabbers". I did a search and didn't come up with anything. The kind I am interested are something like milk jugs painted black(or something to that effect). But what do you do with them? Do you put them in your windows then in the other...
  14. Green Living
    Hi all, Perhaps you'd like to a read a bit about our experience with photovoltaic (pv) panels. For the background, read below*. In April this year our 12 panels were installed on the roof of our garage and the first time that we saw the energy meter going backwards we were cheering! The funny...
  15. Frugal Living
    DH made solar screens for the windows at the back of our house. The sun COOKS the back of our house in the afternoons. We've been sitting on the materials for almost a year now. Lowe's had the screen material 1/2 price last year but we never finished. Anyway, what a HUGE difference. Our...
  16. Homesteading and gardening
    Does anyone else use a solar oven? I've used one for several years now and have two of them. The Tulsi Hybrid Solar Oven has an electric back-up. If the temperature of the solar oven gets lower than is safe for food, it will heat the oven to a...
  17. Green Living
    I know there are sites out there that explain how. Does anyone know which one is a good one? Are the homemade one's as good as the professionally made ones? Has anyone ever used one? I'm thinking of trying it out this year.
  18. Money challenges
    I was wondering if any one here uses a solar oven. I have nearly talked myself into one. My SIL dragged us :cutie: to a solar fair a couple years ago. Ever since then I have wanted one. Now that I am cutting back on kwh and therm usage I really, really want one. I think I am going to...
  19. Green Living
    DH and I are planning to sign a contract for solar panels next week. According to the company installing them, we'll be able to generate about 42% of our electricity demand from the panels. I don't know anyone who has gotten them and I'd like to know if they usually generate as much power as...
  20. Green Living
    Some will argue that having a pool is not frugal anyway and in some ways it isn't but we do what we can to make it as much so as possible. We use a solar blanket to prevent evaporation of water and chemicals and to provide some heat but early in the swimming season and late in the season the...
1-20 of 48 Results