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  1. Military Families
    As a recent discussion noted, doing the duties required by the military often places the military family in a hard financial situation. The Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act was enacted to help relief the military family of some of that burden. The history of the Relief Act dates back to the...
  2. General Chat
    I am interested in hearing what people think and do. A couple of months ago I was downtown and there just happened to be a parade for returning soldiers. It was to welcome the soldiers home. I have never attended this type of parade and was excited to participate. Well, in the beginning of...
  3. General Chat
  4. General Chat
    To All our Soldiers and Veterns out there I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Thank you for all your Sacrifices and for keeping this country safe so we can enjoy TRUE FREEDOM. God Bless you ALL.
  5. General Chat
    I was listening to the song "American Soldier" by Tobey Keith and it made me think of all those people fighting wars today and of people like my grandads who fought in the world wars. I dont know any service people (my grandads both having died), and i cant say i will ever know what its like for...
  6. Freebies
    Free Large Instant Soups to Send to Soldiers (S/H) They send to military addresses or home addresses and throw in a few extras to share.
  7. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    So, just had to share---our mortgage got reduced from 1043 minimum to 971 minimum while Zac is gone! I'm going to continue paying 1050 like we have budgeted so my principal will be reducing even faster!
  8. Leisure & Media Arts Memorial will honor 106th’s fallen soldiers A war memorial to be dedicated in a public ceremony tonight was funded by soldiers who industriously started a store while serving in Iraq and used its profits to...
  9. Military Families
    Mailing baked goods to our troups in the Middle East--some guidelines: Scroll down the page for desert friendly Toll House recipes. *eta: registration may be necessary to see this information, but it is free & easy to do.
  10. Creative Cooking
    Feel free to move this thread if you think it would be better posted elsewhere. I couldn't decide where to post it but decided on this forum since the recipes are "creative" in that there are substitutions made to recipes to allow for mailing to the Middle East. Mailing baked goods to our...
  11. Quilting
    Love this idea.
  12. Support
    11,000 US Soldiers Now Dead From DU Poisoning Heads roll at Veterans Administration Mushrooming depleted uranium (DU) scandal blamed By Bob Nichols Project Censored Award Winner - SF Bay View Global 2-28-5 Considering the tons of depleted uranium used by the U.S., the Iraq war...
  13. Military Families
    While perusing through some old links I had saved, I came across this article.... As I read it this time, it made me so thankful to know those of you who are Military Wives! It really is the toughest job in the military.... To all of you ladies who hold it together on these shores while he holds...
  14. Military Families
    I've been putting together a box or 2 to send to some soldiers that I know who are stationed in Iraq. My aunt was telling me that her grandson requests bottled water or powdered drink mixes to put in water. She said that they aren't getting bottled water for some reason and they've been having...
  15. Military Families
    I just wanted to say... I turned on the tv and they were showing mini clips of the soldiers sending their Christmas wishes to their families... Well, it just TOUCHED me so much. I admire their generosity of their lives and their courage to sacrifice their safety for the freedom of others...
  16. Christmas
    I received this in an email and wanted to share it with you all. Two Weeks Before Christmas! T'was two weeks before Christmas, And all through Iraq, The people still worried that Saddam would be back. The soldiers went out on their nightly patrol, Capturing the bad guys was always their...
1-16 of 18 Results