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  1. General Chat
    Thought maybe some of us could relate to this. Love the part about the Barista and the packing peanuts. I like listening to it without watching the video. Makes it so much funnier.
  2. Christmas
    I have become addicted to this song after hearing it once on the radio last week - finally bought it on itunes!! and it is..... .........'I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas' ...............and don't judge it until you've heard it!! Now I want to choreograph it for my preschoolers to perform...
  3. Leisure & Media Arts
    You know what I mean...the one that stops you in your tracks. The one that you ALWAYS listen to when it comes on. The one, for those of us who have a couple of decades under our belts, that you find yourself humming, thinking of, tearing up when it comes on the radio because it moves you...
  4. Leisure & Media Arts
    It's gotta be Seether-Country Song. I have to seriously crank it. I hear it's number two in the nation. And you?
  5. Leisure & Media Arts
    So I have finally started using youtube to look up songs I might want to download from iTunes. Anyway was amazed at what can be viewed. Anyway, do you have a favorite song? One of mine would be Bruce Springsteens New York City Serenade. Mind you I like the version from his album...
  6. Freebies
    Beginning on May 3, 2010, Disney will launch “50 Days of Disney Music” during which a different Disney song will be available each day for download for free. That’s 50 free Disney songs over 50 days. Free songs will be from Disney movies and television shows and will include tracks from...
  7. Leisure & Media Arts
    Hehehe, stole this link from a friends Facebook wall but will warn you that the concept is interesting and they do illustrate it if you can get past the sometimes offkey singing. Also there is a song/line/portion with a cuss word (or two?) in it so be mindful of how loud, where and who's...
  8. Financial hardship
    I've had many....This is one that got me through a lot. Inspiration. Share your's.
  9. General Chat
    I caught the end of it on the radio and did not get any information about it. It's a country song, with a male singer... he's singing to his wife about how the economy is crappy but they still have each other and one of the chorus lines is something like "we ain't got much but what we got is...
  10. Freebies
    Amazon is allowing a FREE download of "We Weren't Born to Follow" off the new Bon Jovi album The Circle. Scroll down and select the 'Get Mp3' next to the song to start downloading. The Circle: Bon Jovi: MP3 Downloads
  11. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    I got this email from my friend, and always wondered where this song originated from. Subject: The amazing history of "Taps"... If any of you have ever been to a military funeral in which taps was played; this brings out a new meaning of it. Here is something Every Canadian should...
  12. Freebies
    Get Any Song Priced at or Below $1.29 on Us To celebrate the milestone of surpassing over a million followers to Amazon MP3's Twitter feed, you can get one of millions of songs valued at $1.29 or below on us...
  13. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    "when the money keeps rolling out you don't think how think of all the people having a good time now kemma and her blessed fund can make your dreams come tru---ue! never been a spender such as kemma peron! " wow this july/august the money is rolling out and i have fallen off the wagon. using...
  14. Freebies
    Download the Whitney Houston song I Look To You from her new album in stores August 31, 2009.|whitneyhouston|20090728
  15. Third Agers
    I had 3 sisters right behind me, so I had dolly playmates, but my dh (oldest of 5 boys) thinks I'm nuts and I make this stuff up. Did you guys ever hear this song? My mom taught it to us: 'Oh, Dolly Playmate, come out and play with me.... and bring your dollies 3, climb up my apple...
  16. Freebies
    Drew Seeley is starring on Broadway in Disney's The Little Mermaid through August 30. The musical includes 10 new songs, in addition to the classics you know and love from the animated film. As Prince Eric, Drew sings the new ballad "Her Voice" in the show. This special pop version of the song...
  17. Freebies
    "Beautiful Day" for FREE!
  18. Dave Ramsey
    I love the opening guitar rift before the Saxophone comes in with the real opening song for the Dave Ramsey Show. Can anyone use their cell phone with VCast or something to tell me what song it is? It's going to drive me nuts if I can't figure it out.
  19. Leisure & Media Arts
    Hey!! The marketing company that I'm working with just offered a Free Ashanti Song Download/Fan club membership at the NYPost! Check it out in this widget! on the NYPost's web site!
1-20 of 79 Results