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  1. Homesteading and gardening Trudeau Stainless Steel Vegetable Steamer This device prevents water from touching the product being cooked, basically steaming. They are available in Walmart and often in supermarkets. With the center lifting device removed, the steamer makes a good insert for...
  2. Appliances
    We just bought a stainless steel dishwasher on craigslist for $75. It works great, but there were a few pesky rust stains on the front. I googled ways to remove rust and came up with baking soda. If you dip a moistened soft bristle toothbrush or your finger (the finger worked better) in baking...
  3. Just Tips
    Hello there. I work in the janitorial business and was wondering what you would recommend for cleaning stainless steel restroom partitions. I have tried baking soda and water and does not do a good job. Thanks for your help, Andrew T. Harvey
  4. Just Tips
    I am in the process of thoroughly cleaning our apartment because we're moving next week. Our stainless steel sink has a lot of rust around the drain on the right side (it's a double sink). It also has small bits of rust on the top around the faucet. I searched the internet and found out that...
  5. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    ok i thought i could ask ya'll for your opinions on this as well. :) i'm looking at replacing my teflon scratched up cookware with stainless steel. i know lotsa ppl recommend cast iron - but that's not reasonable for me to use at this time... (unless there's a great reason to). so i was out...
  6. Home Environment
    How often do you really clean your stainless steel sink? I always wash my out after supper dishes are done and wipe it down but I only give it the Brillo pad scrubbing everynow and then. No regular schedule. Today was the sinks day though. I scrubbed that baby until it really shined...
  7. Home Decorating
    We just bought a new stainless steel microwave this weekend. I'm wondering are there any tips on cleaning it? Do you use any kind of particular cleaner? Thanks!!
1-8 of 8 Results