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  1. Question and Answer
    While organizing the cupboard I came across a bag of partially stale marshmallows that got pushed to the back. I only use them to make rice krispie treats. Would they still be OK to use? (ie would the melt the same?) What other recipes/uses are there for stale marshmallows?
  2. Kitchen Basics
    ...and have no inspiration or idea what to do with them. They're Chicago rolls, meaning smallish round dinner rolls, no seeds. I really don't need anymore breadcrumbs right now, :uhh: but I of course just can't throw them out. Doing that would haunt my "frugal conscience" for days! :yikes: So...
  3. Kitchen Basics
    I have a tub of stale dry oats. What can I do with it? I'm guessing it won't be good in anything to eat so does anyone know of any good body scrub type things that I could make with it?
  4. Kitchen Basics
    I wanted to share this recipe even though I know a lot of people don't eat cereal because of the expense. This recipe is designed to change the ingredients according to what you have on hand. Of course, coconut and pecans can be expensive. The cereal, coconut and pecans are all...
  5. Just Tips
    I have a large bag of peanuts that are too rubbery to eat. They are still in the shell...i can't remember if they are salted or not. I didn't know if i should just scatter them as they are in the yard for birds or what to do with them. Any suggestions? I'm really not interested in anything...
  6. Kitchen Basics
    Does anyone have a way to revive stale pretzels? I know you can nuke taco chips to revive them but I'm not sure about pretzels? If so how long? DH suggests popping them in the oven. This is a bag of the mini ones. All input welcome Laurie in BRadenton:smhelp:
  7. Just Tips
    I cleaned out my mom's cupboards and found coffee from 1997 and needless to say, it does not taste very well! Do any of you know of any tips for using stale coffee,? I hate to throw it out! Thanks
  8. Frugal Living
    <DIV>Revive Stale Potato Chips and Crackers:</DIV> <DIV>Use a crock-pot to revive stale potato chips and crackers. </DIV> <DIV>Place them in the pot butdo not cover. </DIV> <DIV>Heat on low setting for 2 to 4 hours  and they'll be crisp and warm.</DIV>
  9. Kitchen Basics
    Does your family accumulate near-empty bags of stale chips? I hate when that happens, and it nearly kills me to throw them out. Two recipes that call for crushed chips (stale chips work just great). I have a feeling you're going to love these chicken strips and cookies. Just in case you...
  10. Just Tips
    To soften stale bread, wrap it in a napkin and microwave for 15 seconds. If it is beyond that, brush with melted butter or margarine, cut into small squares, put in oven and bake at 250 till crisp and use for croutons. If you don't like croutons, brush with garlic butter and bake whole slices at...
1-10 of 10 Results