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  1. Vacations and Travel
    in order to celebrate my mom's birthday, i booked us a staycation weekend package at a BnB hotel in my city. the hotel is located nearby shops,eateries and convenience stores. it's a perfect location to get out of our routine & enjoy a staycation. my mom wanted to enjoy laying down in the hotel...
  2. General Chat, here's the deal... Dh and I have been talking about/planning a vacation for this December for I don't know how long (insert "years")... Between now and December it's his 30th bday, college graduation (B.S. Accounting), we put off doing something for my 30th bday to do something 'big'...
  3. General Chat
    Our family had been enjoying the last few days of our stay-cation when dh received a phone call from a coworker...the boss for their region showed up unexpectedly & told his coworker to meet him at his strage unit (coworker 's area is about 150 miles south of us). Coworker arrives and he is...
1-3 of 3 Results