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  1. Frugal Recipes, Leftovers, Budget Meals
    I made this recipe about a month ago for my steak loving family really liked this copycat version...I think if you let it sit for a couple day's in the fridge to let the flavor's come together it tastes better.. 1/2 C Orange Juice 1/2 C Raisins 1/4 C Soy Sauce 1/4 C White Vinegar (my...
  2. General Chat
    Now I have seen everything. I kid you not- yesterday I went to the grocery store. They had jacked the price of hamburger (73/27 cheap stuff) to 2.68 a lb. Then I see that the steak (beef -not pork or other kind of meat) is marked 1.97 a lb....and its not even on sale. That's nuts.
  3. Meal planning
    I am sick and tired of over cooked, tough steak. I either let DH cook it or go to a restaurant for it. But restaurants serve pieces way too big, and I like mine med-rare. Seems no one knows what that is these days. I just had to walk away from some of DH's BBQed steak. It was tough as a...
  4. Frugal Recipes, Leftovers, Budget Meals
    I have three nice size pieces of pork steak leftover. I want to put them into some sort of casserole or soup. I have put beef pieces in the crock pot with some boulion to tenderize/shred the pieces. I just dont know what to do with pork. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
  5. Freebies
  6. Crockpot
    We love this and have it often and my mom use to make it when I was a kid :) Put cubed steak in the bottom of the crockpot and cover it with cream of mushroom soup and water. Cook it for approx 6-8 hours on low. The steak will fall apart because it is so tender! I like to serve it with...
  7. Beef dishes
    Asian Barbequed Steak Recipe DescriptionOriginal poster's comments "Thai flavors combine to make one phenomenal steak! Flank steak is our favorite, but it's also great for other cuts of meat. It's great with grilled veggies, and perfect for salads and sandwiches." My Comments This...
  8. Kitchen Basics
    I have a lof of steak in the freezer that dh's mom bought for us. The only problem is, aside from grilling it up on the George Foreman grill, I don't know how to cook it! The different types we have are strip, flat iron, filet, bacon wrapped filet, and peppercorn strip...maybe around 20lbs. I...
  9. Coupons
    I found a $3/off Chef's Requested steak. They come prepackaged in a hard plastic. There are 2 bacon wrapped beef filets in ea. package. Walmart has them on sale for $3.28 per pack sooooooo the coupon makes them .28 cents per pack. I tried them last night and they are decent. I got my coupie...
  10. Kitchen Clones
    Montreal Steak Seasoning Blend 1/4 cup Ingredients 4 tablespoons salt 1 tablespoon black pepper 1 tablespoon dehydrated onion 1/2 tablespoon dried garlic 1/2 tablespoon crushed red pepper flakes 1/2 tablespoon dried thyme 1/2 tablespoon dried rosemary 1/2 tablespoon dried fennel...
  11. Kitchen Clones
    Plaza III Steak Soup SERVES 10 Ingredients 1/2 cup butter 1/2 cup flour 8 cups hot water 2 lbs ground sirloin 2 tablespoons beef bouillon granules 1 cup onion, chopped 1 cup carrot, diced 1 cup celery, sliced 2 cups frozen mixed vegetables 28 ounces canned tomatoes, diced 1...
  12. Kitchen Basics
    i plan on making this tonight but seeing as i got the hamburger steaks from angelfood, they're already shaped into patties. would i just skip the patties part and fry them as it or rub on some salt and pepper? also...
  13. Kitchen Basics
    I was given 2 deer round steaks. They said to make sure I cut out all tendons and bones before cooking or it will be to gamy tasting. How do I cook these so they are yummy
  14. Meal planning
    I bought a large package of pork butt steaks last night, because they were marked down from $6.79 to $4.36. I've cooked pork chops and a pork roast in the Crock Pot before; does anyone have any recipes for this cut of meat? Should I just do a cream soup gravy? Just wondering how tender or tough...
  15. Kitchen Basics
    I have some ribeye steaks to cook. It's too cold to grill them, how would you cook them?
  16. Beef dishes
    Steak and Cheese Taquitos (gluten free) Recipe DescriptionSo, I was fooling around, trying to think of a gluten free recipe to use up one decent sized steak I had gotten on sale at Super Target. Everyone loves taquitos and I had a few things on hand, so here's what I did... I am sorry...
  17. Beef dishes
    Salisbury Steak and Gravy Recipe DescriptionGround beef patties smothered in gravy. Excellent with mashed potatoes. Preparation Steps: Level of Difficulty:Moderate Time Needed:1.25 hours, including prep Ingredients:3 lbs. ground beef 1/2 - 1 pkg onion soup...
  18. Crockpot
    This is a loose recipe for a Cuban stew.. You can vary the amounts 3 medium sized potatoes 1 flank steak 1 meduim onion 1 small cabbage head - sliced up 2 or 3 Chorizo sausages 1 packet sazon enough water to cover. First two/three hours on high, two or three hours on low. 1 hour before...
  19. Kitchen Basics
    I have all this beef, I'd like to try my hand at swiss steak...especially if it's a crockpot recipe. Anyone have a tried & true recipe for this? :bigglass:
  20. Kitchen Basics
    anyone have a tried & true Pepper steak recipe??? boyfriend asked for it, don't know how to make it. Thanks!
1-20 of 47 Results