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  1. Freebies
    Bring in this online coupon to any Aveda salon, spa, or store to receive a “lavishly sized sample” of Aveda Hand Relief. Along with your freebie, ask for their Aveda FREE Stimulus package: ♥ Free Aroma Sensory Journey ♥ Free Cup of Comforting Tea ♥ Free Stress-Relieving Hand Ritual ♥ Free...
  2. Careers
    Did anyone else notice a bigger paycheck yet? I had an extra $19 on my check last Thursday.:cheer4: Cat
  3. Question and Answer
    As far as I can figure out the average person is going to recieve about an extra $13 per week because of the new tax cuts that go into effect in April. That's about $52 a month. Any one got a great idea what to do with it?
  4. General Chat
    So yesterday our local paper ran an article regarding a local stimulus package they are offering. If you buy a car from the Lancaster Auto Mall in Lancaster,Ca the city will give a gift card as a refund on registration fees. Now I live in Palmdale but purchased my last car in Lancaster. Its 15...
  5. Frugal Down Under
    are you getting a cash bonus and if so what are you planning to do with it? I do'nt know quite how I feel about these bonuses - I'm not sure that finanially they are a good idea, I am certainly happy to see spending on schools and infrastructure. Having said all that - My DSO and I will both...
  6. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Last year I did not get that stimulus check, I didn't work and make enough to be eligible. Did you know that if you didn't file to get one or couldn't, that you can this year? It is called the RECOVERY REBATE CREDIT. The information is from the IRS site states that: This credit is figured like...
  7. General Chat
    Does anyone know any details of the second stimulus package that is being proposed? I guess it is expected to be on Pres. Obama's desk as of Inaguration day. Anyway just wondering if anyone knew if this was a done deal and how much the checks are expected to be...TIA.
  8. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I have a question about this year's taxes. Will the amount of the stimulus check we received this year be deducted from our tax returns? I understood the stimulus to be an advance of our anticipated refund next year. Probably a stupid question but when have I ever hesitated from asking a...
  9. Question and Answer
    those who received a check, did you get it a little early like some of the direct deposited stimulus checks thanks...just curious
  10. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    stimulate our economy by much. We got $900. We are married and have 2 boys. One is over 18 but we claim him as a dependent as he is in college and we provide 99% of his support. The other is 16. We didnt even get the $1,200 for married. We do NOT owe any taxes etc. Dh went to the IRS website to...
  11. General Chat
    We used turbo tax to do our taxes. We were supposed to get our check this week but my dh said we won't get it until June? Has anyone heard of this? Did anyone who used Turbo Tax gotten theirs yet?
  12. General Chat
    My Dh files head of household on our taxes.. however he has no checking account so our tax refund it's automatically deposited into my checking account..I just called the bank to see if the stimulus rebate was credited to my account( last 2 digits of his ss# is 02) and it's not there yet? I...
  13. General Chat
    I had asked this question before but lost the thread I attached it to. How does your social security number determine when you get your stimulus check? Thanks!!!
  14. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    FYI, if you didn't know...Sears, Shaws, etc are offering "deals" if you come in with your stimulus check. Other retailers jumping on this bandwagon too. Do a "google" search on stimulus check promotions and you'll see what I mean. For us, the Shaws deal will do no good. I save 10% or more by...
  15. News you can use
    Smart moves for your stimulus check You may be getting your economic stimulus payment as early as today. The Bush administration wants you to spend that money. But here are some smart ideas on what you can do with your money.
  16. General Chat
    Fiance was just reading that if you owe any state or federal taxes your stimulus check will be sent there. He should still get $400.00 You might want to check if you owe any taxes. Just a heads Up
  17. General Chat
    Sorry if this has already been posted. I was just curious what everyone is going to be doing with their stimulus check? We are building a chicken coop and already have 16 buff orpington chicks that are 4 weeks old tomorrow. The rest of it will just go into savings. I think we should be...
  18. News you can use
    Top tips: stimulus check, credit score and gas Gerri Willis answers reader's questions.
  19. General Chat
    Sears/Kmart are offering 10% "bonus" if you convert your stimulus check into gift cards. Unfortunately I don't have a Kmart or Sears close by...
1-19 of 27 Results