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  1. Needle Arts
    Anyone been to one? STITCHES Events | Knitting Universe I was at my Sil's this weekend and we got to talking about knitting and I was telling her about the wonderful things you all make. Once she started talking about her knitting she got on a roll, lol. She showed me her yarn stash (looks...
  2. Needle Arts
    I do scarves for the homeless every year with the same old stitches (basket-weave pattern). I'm looking for a book that has many, many patterns that I can use to mix things up a little! Can anyone recommend one? Thanks!
  3. Needle Arts
    So, as I'm knitting my first project, I'm running into a problem. Sometimes my loops are so tight around the needles that I can barely pull them through. How can I remedy this?
  4. Needle Arts
    How do you keep your stitches uniform? Does that just come with practice? I know some knitters knit "looser" than others. I know about gauge (sp?), but because I haven't been making anything yet (just practicing casting on and the knit stitch), I haven't pursued that any. So is it just...
  5. General Chat
    A friend and I had gone out for coffee at the local restaurant here in town. I hadn't sat down for a couple mins. when they called me to the phone. It was dh telling me to come home and get him to emergency right away. He had cut 3 fingers on his left hand with the table saw. When I...
  6. Needle Arts
    I found this site when I was looking for the shell stitch. It may have already been posted but here it goes again.
  7. Needle Arts What is an afghan stitch? What is a reversed single crochet? This dishcloth is very pretty and I would love to make it, if someone could please explain these stitches to me.........;) :D TIA
  8. Quilting
    Thought I would share this with my quilting friends. Hopefully this link will work... Stitches of Love Sgt Mom - 09 April 2004 With Operation Vigilant Resolve underway two Marine...
1-8 of 8 Results