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  1. Food challenges
    Ok Ladies..I will have $500 to spend from our income tax to stock our pantry and freezer. I will be cooking and baking from scratch mainly if that helps :) So where do I start and what do I stock up on?
  2. Question and Answer
    I'm curious what happens tax wise when you sell stocks. It was set up so the dividends keep reinvesting. Since our FFEF is tanked and the EF is about tanked dh and I were thinking of sell stock to pay off the last medical bill and to bring the emergency funds back to life. However I don't want...
  3. Food challenges
    So, I've got quite a bit stocked up but I'm working on the chocolate supply. I buy the small Nestle bags on sale but I'm wondering what's better to go with? I'm not too fussy, although I do love Nestle brand. I was wondering the best way to buy the chocolate in bulk and best storage, etc. I...
  4. Frugal Living
    Thru Sat 10/29 @ Safeway.... Buy 4 Skippy Peanut Butter (must buy in groups of 4). Total = $6.34 Plus you will get two $1.00 Catalinas That makes the price $1.09 each I bought the skippy naturals :) Regular shelf price was $4.59 at my store. :thud:
  5. Preparedness and Survival
    I'm really glad that I've been prepping. The world economic situation is making me very anxious. Today, from what I've read, it sounds as the the market is one step closer to crashing. The debt deal that was agreed upon was a drop in the bucket. American IOUs are getting called in. The...
  6. General Chat
    With all of the craziness going on w/ the markets, just wanted to hear everyone's take on the situation...what are your predictions? I believe it will still be a rocky ride next week.....
  7. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Again know I am preaching to some of the choir here, but for those who watch the market, commodities, bonds, oil prices and stock up accordingly you will be fine. Here are some signs that you need to keep on keeping on. Stock what you eat, eat what you store, rotate and stock your pantries...
  8. Meal planning
    That DON'T involve beans or lentils? DH won't eat them.
  9. Kitchen Basics
    I tried to look for another thread on this topic but my internet connection is SO SLOW that I gave up. I started my vegetable stock bag today! I now have a large ziploc bag in the freezer, with the wild celery stalks that I had left over after making bean soup for lunch. I know about putting...
  10. Freebies
    This is a very slow site and these should go quick again, I couldn't post the last time because it was dead before I even saw it. Post if any problems.® Free Sock - Runner's World Ad
  11. General Chat
    WOW!! i was looking at the stock piling photos i want that! i need help getting it and getting the awesome deals!
  12. General Chat
    In my inbox today. I thought someone here may like it. Such a heartwarming story . . . (whether sports fans or not) KURTIS THE STOCK BOY AND BRENDA THE CHECKOUT GIRL In a supermarket, Kurtis the stock boy, was busily working when a new voice came over the loud speaker asking for a carry out...
  13. Just Tips
    Hi everyone! I prefer homemade chicken stock/broth to canned. It's cheaper, tastier and has less salt. I also don't like making broth on the stove. It's messy (boils over EVERY time), you have to mind the pot, and it heats up the kitchen. So why not make it in the crockpot? It works and...
  14. Stockpiling
    I have been stock piling along with my food and HBA sheets and towels and hand towels , wash clothes , band aids , first aid items , books , blankets and sweaters . Among other things, I have been finding really great deals new and used on these items I really do not like paying full price for...
  15. Question and Answer
    Anyone use a stock tank for a kiddie pool? I don't know if I can manage going to the public pool with three little ones and I know my kids really enjoyed getting wet last year. Has anyone used a stock tank as a kiddie pool? We had a hard plastic kiddie pool and it broke when the kids jumped...
  16. Stockpiling
    My dh is getting laid off. Next week. I have a little extra money set aside right now for a small stockpile. What should I get? I already have: Pasta Tuna canned veggies sugar flour spagetti sauce (in freezer, I make my own) mac & cheese I have alot of meat in the freezer rice beans What...
  17. Kitchen Basics
    Here's a good little video on making chicken stock. Slooowww is the key!
  18. Question and Answer
    Ok two questions. long do i boil my chicken brest? do i make chicken stock?
  19. Question and Answer
    Okay, for the first time ever I tried making chicken stock using the remains of a roast chicken. My silly question is this...I let the chicken carcass and vegetables simmer for a few hours and after straining the liquid I'm left with about 2.5 cups of very opaque stock. Did I turn it into...
  20. Pregnancy
    I'm hoping I posted this in the right spot. If not, please move. Just curious to see others' take on what you received that you thought was the most useful and the most unuseful. After being at this for only a week and a half, here is what I can think of so far. I'm hoping this will help...
1-20 of 61 Results