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  1. Stockpiling
    Can we talk about what a well stocked pantry would look like? what it would contain? how much to have in order to ensure that items are always fresh? How do you prevent infestations, etc... i'm hesitant to stock spices and herbs because i've heard that they lose freshness so quickly (like 3...
  2. Meal planning
    I finally have an area to stock a large pantry. I have been trying to find a basic list of what to store. Ideally, I would like 6 months plus of stuff stored. Can anyone help me? Thanks!
  3. Stockpiling
    What three things do you wish you had stockpiled more of? Many on here has had to use their stockpiles out of neccesity. Loss of income...loss of electric etc. Out of experience what did you find lacking in your supplies. For those who hasn't found it a neccesity same question. What...
  4. Stockpiling
    Just curious....what one thing have you stockpiled that you wish you hadn't? That you found that didn't taste good, didn't keep well or got bored with...or for whatever reason.
  5. General Chat
    I am looking for a list on stocking the pantry. I know I have seem one on here before but cannot find it now. If anyone has any handy hints n the best way to do this and rotate, please let me know!
  6. Stockpiling
    Check out this pantry. I saw it on another site. I hope they don't mind, but it is incredible.
  7. Frugal Living
    I received a $50 gift card to ShopRite from my parents for Christmas. So, I went to ShopRite this morning and decided to use the card to stock up. I bought a large box of diapers, a large box of wipes, 28 rolls of toilet paper, 10 rolls of wrapping paper that was marked down to $0.12 a roll...
  8. Stockpiling
    I have read alot of ppl here keep stocked up on things, so they don't have to spend so much at the shops. What kind of things do you keep stocked up on. I'm still reading and trying to get tips on how to cut the food bill down. Our is crazy for a family of 4 we can send at 200. a week! If you...
  9. Stockpiling
    okay we went and stocked up on a lot of stuff this past weekend, how do you stay stocked up? and spending minium? thank you
  10. Frugal Living
    A loss leader on sale @ Shoprite till tomorrow for .54 a can...:hurray: what a deal for my kids and Dh lunches...I will go again tomorrow to get more..however this time I have coupons to get even a better deal.. I'm gonna price match at Walmart too...I just figured this is almost a pound of...
  11. Kitchen Basics
    I went grocery shopping today. Maggie needed to get out of the house, so we went to the store and wandered around a little. I stuck to my list almost completely, but I did get a few things I hadn't intended to, because they were such reat deals. I bought 12 cans of Muir Glen Oganic Fire...
  12. Kitchen Basics
    What's your idea of a good stocked pantry?
  13. Frugal Living
    I've been on a roll lately! I made it a goal to stock up on Health and Beauty items and have found some incredible deals: ~5 huge tubes of Aquafresh toothpaste with the floss lid [email protected] .99 each ~13 bottles of shampoo (these included Neutrogena, Fructios, Vive brands)@ .50 each) ~5 bottles...
1-13 of 13 Results