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  1. New Member Introductions
    I am Robmillar working as a marketing agent in Home and Office storage, Louisianan. I am new to this forum. If anyone needs help regarding storage, you can contact me.
  2. Home Environment
    I just cleaned out our under the stairs closet. I threw away 15 cardboard boxes (actually giving away and reusing some so as not to be wastefull because they're still in good shape) and replaced them with plastic bins with lids. Does anyone have any suggestions for comics or magazine storage...
  3. Make It Yourself
    I'm looking for a template--or ideas on how to make storage boxes out of cardboard which I will then cover with paper or photos. Can anyone suggest how I can find such a template for an 8 by 11 box with a lid? If I could get the stacks and stacks of magazine articles and other stuff of DH's off...
  4. Stockpiling
    I went out to the antique store today to price wardrobes today. I want a large one, old, plenty of character to put in my dining room for food storage thats functional yet looks good and matches the old world/french country feel of my home. I don't want to see the food, I just want to have a...
  5. Stockpiling
    Food Storage Rotation That Works For You Food Storage Rotation That Works For You | Country Consultant - Living The Good Life Great read...I especially liked the idea of "SOLUTION TO THE FOOD STORAGE MADNESS" in which food was stored by year, not type...something I'm going to give thought to.
  6. Home Decorating
    I love Ziploc bags but they are expensive and actually they don't even sell them where I live, but I have collected about 100 of them in a whole bunch of sizes. I wash them, dry them on the clothesline, and reuse them over and over. So far, I have not come up with a storage solution for them...
  7. Preparedness and Survival
    I wanted to share a link to an article that got me thinking today. Meal Planning and Food Storage The woman who wrote it preps a little differently. She purchases ingredients for meals for a certain period of time. For example, enough tuna, pasta, etc for tuna casserole two times a month for...
  8. Coupons
    Coupon storage is so important! I tried 3 systems before I ended up with one that works for me. I have the CaseIt 5 inch zippered binder with a 3 inch set of rings and a 1 and 1/2 set of rings(I think it's one and one half). It cost $25. I got it on the case it site. Next I got Avery inserts...
  9. General Chat
    We just bought the contents of 6 storage units.. I am amazed every time we buy one, the things people leave in them.. If we were dishonest people, we could of made so much money on just the personal information left in the units, everything needed ~ birth certificates, ss cards, tax...
  10. Question and Answer
    What types of storage containers do you all use for things like dry mixes, cereals, grains, beans, rice ? I read that certain containers, like mayo jars etc are not good because they may not seal tight. Dont have a lot of money in the budget to spend on expensive container systems.
  11. Kitchen Basics
    Hi all. Normally we don't need to worry about this as we live in such a cool climate. but yesterday I found bugs in my whole wheat flour. So I'm thinking it's time to get my dried goods into containers that are insect proof. Any ideas what to use? Our summer has been so hot and humid this...
  12. Kitchen Basics
    This is probably here somewhere and i have spent some time looking but not finding what I am wanting. I picked up some 5 gallon buckets with lids at the bakery today. I want to use them for sugar, flour, and things I like to buy in big bulk bags. If I am wanting to put my OPENED 25# bag of...
  13. Preparedness and Survival
    I apologize if this has already been addressed, but how long can you store drinking water in plastic gallon jugs ??
  14. Home Environment
    I keep seeing folks refer to cold storage. Here are the questions that I have: What exactly is it? What do you use it for? Where do you have this? Shed, Garage, Basement??? How long do things keep?
  15. Home Environment
    Well its not new,but in great shape and only cost $20.00.My old one was big but not enough and where we have to keep it is in a nook at the end of a small hallway off the kitchen.This new one is overall larger but still fits the space.I transfered everything over and was thrilled to see the...
  16. Preparedness and Survival
    Hi everyone. I'm a lurker, relatively new to prepping, who has a question. I got some 5-gallon frosting buckets from Sam's Club that I want to use to store food. The folks at Sam's washed them. I scrubbed them outside with dish soap, a sponge, a brush and the hose. Then, I soaked them in hot...
  17. Stockpiling
    Another useful manual on food storage.
  18. Stockpiling
    Very Useful! Food storage should be used, and this shows you how.
  19. General Chat
    I came across this site . Had to do a "Whoaaa!" and sent them an email that said - "I believe you are misleading consumers on the dangers of unpasteurized dairy products. On your web page - Contact CFSAN - you say the 800...
1-19 of 119 Results