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  1. Just Tips
    Fold comfort place in side one of the pillow shams then put other pillow sham over that.
  2. Christmas
    For years I have used large plastic trash cans with lids to store my decorations, paper, etc. Everything stays clean, fresh, bug and varmint free. How do you store your holiday things?
  3. Stockpiling
    how long can you keep dry beans before they go bad? I have some pintos that have been stored in glass canning jars for a couple of years. They are looking dark in color compared to fresh one and am just wondering how long you can safely keep and use them. Thanks for any info.
  4. Stockpiling
    couldn't go to sleep last so around 2 am i started my double boiler and my pot of wax and coated 20 lbs. of cheddar cheese to be put up -did 10 coatings and by the time i did the 20th it was time to start all over till i had 10 coats on all of them now when they get really good and dry i'll...
  5. Preparedness and Survival
    We had a bottle of bleach, unopened on a shelf that was apparently two (or more) years old (we missed it in the rotation). The bottle imploded and the bleach leaked all over the cabinet. We talked to the manufacturer and they said unopened bleach only has a shelf life of about 2 years. Just...
  6. Laundry
    If you don't already have an empty detergent bottle? I normally use powder detergent but have made my first batch of the liquid and am wondering what would be a good option for storing it in the laundry room? I thought about an empty ice cream bucket but I don't like the idea of having to deal...
  7. WOTHM
    Hey Frugual Mamas, I am SHOCKED at the price of the plastic breast milk storage bags, $13 per pack of 50 near my house and no coupons to be found! I pump 3-5 times a day and could easily go through $26+ of milk bags per month! Any advice for a frugal and safe way to store and freeze breast milk?
  8. Just Tips
    I usually buy large containers of all of these (because the price per ounce was cheaper) and break them down into smaller containers. I store the large containers in my basement on shelves where I keep my stockpile. The vinegars hot sauce & oils get downsized via funnels into old clean soy sauce...
  9. Home Environment
    Where do you store sports or outdoor activity (like camping) gear? I find these things tend to smell and I don't like to keep them near general living areas - but at the same time I don't like having them in the basement or garage because they get damp and start to smell even worse. I actually...
  10. Kitchen Basics
    I have these metal storage containers with a glass lid. They are not air tight. Can I store my dried beans in them? I use the beans pretty regularly so they would only be in the containers for 2-3 months.
  11. Kitchen Basics
    How do you store your white bread after you bake it at home? Also, my bread machine is old and make the big round bread. Into what shape do you slice it? Just making round slices is to large for sandwhiches. Kim
  12. Question and Answer
    I'm not sure where to post this, so if this is wrong I apologize! Last weekend I spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing my garage and basement. In the basement, while separating holiday stuff, I came across fireworks in a brown paper bag. I thought we had gotten rid of everything on July...
  13. Stockpiling
    I'm turning an unused basement room into a big storage pantry! I would like to store all my stockpile, food and household cleaners, etc, in this one place. My concern is: will the fumes from the cleaners(lysol kitchen cleaner, toilet bowl cleaners, dishwashing and dishwasher det. etc) get into...
  14. OAMC, Homecanning, Freezing, and Preserving
    BF just brought me a bunch of apples from his apple tree! I want to can them. I would like to can them when I am on vacation September 21st. What would be the best way to store them until then? If it makes a difference, they were picked, not on the ground. Thanks!
  15. Question and Answer
    A while back, i followed a food drying thread here & got some good tips. One was a link to a you tube drying tutorial. the person on that site recommended some kind of packet to put in canning jars w/ dried herbs, etc. It absorbs so much moisture that the canning lid will actually seal on the...
  16. Question and Answer
    For those of use who save foil for reuse, how do you store it? I don't have any extra space in the drawers in my kitchen, so I keep the foil in a plastic zip lock bag in the cupboard. The bag falls out nearly every time I open the cupboard. It is so annoying. There has to be a better way, but...
  17. Just Tips
    I am looking for the best way to store my bread machine homemade bread. I've been looking at bread bags and bread boxes (some with slicing guides). But I can;t find anything that consistently gets good reviews. Does anyone care to share their best/favorite way to store homemade bread? Thanks!
  18. General Chat
    I'll be moving and will have a unheated storage unit for stuff. What kinds of foods can I keep in there? I know unopened boxed stuff like pancake mix will be okay. Will canned goods be okay, like soups, veggies, raviolis,they may become frozen. Stuff I can't store will go with me to my moms but...
  19. Question and Answer
    I want to buy say..50lbs or more of sugar for my stockpile...what do you store it in to keep it from getting hard? Any down falls to stocking that much sugar? Thanks!
  20. Baking Breads
    Do you store your whole wheat flour in the refrigerator? I have been keeping my bread making flour in the refrigerator, in the original bag within a plastic bag. I think I read somewhere to do that to keep out bugs. But I wonder if this is the only way to store flour. I would like to get my...
1-20 of 37 Results