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  1. General Chat
    I picked up a Double walled plastic(BPA free) cup with lid and straw at CVS yesterday. I've been wanting one to take with on car rides and to go shopping for a long time. We buy bottled water and usually take that but recently we got filters for our Brita pitcher. I want to start taking along...
  2. DIY
    I have been reading about straw bale homes online. Anyone here have any first hand knowledge? I am impressed with what I have read so far.
  3. Freebies
    Click country and an email will open for you to send your request.
  4. Leisure Articles
    Harvest time brings thoughts of cornfields, apple cider, pumpkin patches and scarecrows. Many communities around the world celebrate the harvest holiday which is also known as Thanksgiving. In Korea it is called Chu-Suk and in India it is known as Kerla Onam. In all of these counties, the...
1-4 of 5 Results