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  1. General Chat
    My first memory of Sesame Street was when I was a pre schooler. We had a black and white tv that I watched Sesame Street on. My parents decided to buy a color tv. The first show they turned on the tv was Sesame Street. Mom in here excitement over the color tv asked "Did you know Big Bird was...
  2. Freebies
    Rewards Gold is offering a FREE 26 week subscription to the Wall Street Journal. This offer is available to the US and Puerto Rico for a limited time.
  3. Freebies
    Description Join your favorite Sesame Street characters as they learn, play, and grow. Elmo and his friends explore an exciting range of topics, from getting ready for school to discovering the wonders of learning with music. So sing, dance, and Learn Along With Sesame. Explore topics such as...
  4. General Chat
    the camera was bizaare. wow, what a contraption.
  5. General Chat
    So today I yelled at a van that was making a right hand turn. The guy sees me and waves me on while the van is still MOVING! So I stopped walking and started yelling at them pointing at the light showing I was supposed to walk and the cars were supposed to stop. Another time I was almost hit...
  6. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    I borrowed this from another board I'm on...if we're all tired of politics, how about a controversial Walmart thread instead? LOL Here's the link...;_ylt=ApjODhuMAMXkdbhZDkv2WOis0NUE Anybody else think this is a big fat lie? I...
  7. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    What say ye Taxpayers? Yes or No AND WHY?
  8. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions I am 100% with Ron Paul.
  9. General Chat The evergreen tree in the front, left of the screen is my front yard. :yikes:
  10. Freebies
    Got this from a friend that gets a free offers newsletter. "Johnson & Johnson is offering a free New Parent's Pack through their toll-free number. The pack includes a Johnson's baby lotion bottle, Neutrogena Microderm cleansing pads, Carefree pads, Carefree freshness cloths, packets of...
  11. News you can use
    Alcoa's profit drops but tops Street forecasts Aluminum producer Alcoa says its second-quarter earnings fell nearly 24% as higher prices failed to offset raw material and facility ...
  12. News you can use
    Wall Street firms reduce, banks step up borrowing from Fed program Wall Street Street companies are sharply scaling back their borrowing from the Federal Reserve's emergency lending program over ...
  13. News you can use
    Surging oil alarms Wall Street The pain at the gas pump that is emptying consumers' wallets on Main Street is starting to siphon big money from the account ...
  14. News you can use
    Stocks open higher on Wall Street, rise overseas Stocks rose at the open in New York Thursday, led by technology shares after Blackberry maker Research in Motion (RIMM) boosted ... </img>
  15. News you can use
    Wall Street leans to higher open as stocks rise overseas Wall Street tipped toward a higher open Thursday as traders placed bets that further economic data will allow the Federal Reserve ... </img>
  16. Vacations and Travel
    Thanks to itsahumanzoo and MarshHen we went to Mallory Square and had a blast. We walked down Duvall Street, ate at Red Fish Blue Fish with chickens running around (LOL) and then went to Mallory Square and watched the sunset. You guys were right, it did take my breath away. I took several...
1-20 of 33 Results