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  1. Laundry
    Any tricks besides patience and a butter knife?
  2. Frugal Living
    b/c little man has RSV, Strepp throat, & double ear infections... (YEAH EXACTLY!) SO... since no prek for him, no church for either of us (til Sunday which is when I start to volunteer, so dh will stay home for me) & I'm trying to make sure that I make the most of this time at home... I've...
  3. Freebies
    Stuck On You is allowing users to request 1 free Stuck On You bag tag. Simply complete the short form & select the tag of your choice to claim one.
  4. Leisure & Media Arts
    This sometimes drives me nuts & I know I'm not alone. For days now the lyrics: From the Beatles I am the eggman They are the eggmen I am the walrus Goo goo g' joob G-goo goo g' joob ~ And this from Kesha: Don’t stop, make it pop DJ, blow my speakers up Tonight, I’mma fight ‘Til we see the...
  5. Relationships
    I have been married for almost 14 years, and we have a 13 year old daughter. My husband is angry all the time. I am so tired of putting up with his angry outbursts. He even wakes up cussing because he has to go to work. He doesn't even work full-time. He works one job between 6-9 hours a week...
  6. Home Decorating
    This is a really neat web site
  7. News you can use
    Love the home you're stuck with When prices were soaring, credit was flowing and selling was as easy as jamming a FOR SALE sign into your front lawn, the simplest way to upgrade your home was to sell and get the heck out of it. In other words, move to a bigger and better one.
  8. News you can use
    Stuck in frozen funds Question: I've been parking cash in auction-rate preferred shares of the MFS Investment Grade Municipal Trust. Now I'm reading about failed auctions. Are ARPS as safe as I thought they were? - David Schempf, Spearfish, S.D.
  9. General Chat
    :lalala: Ever get a song stuck in your head? It just seems to go around and around? I don't know why it happens, and it might just be me. But right now, I have this ditty from a TV ad going on in my head. I've actually seen 3 versions of it, and it's for a free credit report of some kind...
  10. Leisure & Media Arts
    I've been reading a good book for months now. I'm enjoying the story, but feel I'll never finish it. Several months its just waited for me to open it again. :sigh: I finally picked it up a week or so ago, only reading a few page here & there. I have lots lined up after I finish this one, but...
  11. Health and beauty
    you figure out really quickly that there isn't any type of healthy snack in sight when you need it the most! I had a hard time even finding the one vending machine that offered bottled water. Tomorrow I'll be packing me an apple, some almonds, 3 bottles of water, etc... . I can't be stuck...
  12. Health and beauty
    I've continued to work out on the Gazelle doing the 45-60 minute Butt Kickin' Workout 6 days per week, watching my calories and staying around 1200 per day, drinking water like CRAZY......and nothing else except I had a cup of 2% milk this morning. Anyway....I've been stuck at 37 pounds for 2...
  13. Pets
    How do you get a cats head out of a small peanut butter jar? It's really stuck. Not my cat, seems to be a stray kitten but it's in my back yard right now. Poor little thing. If it wasn't so sad it would be quite funny actually.
  14. Careers
    I just finished reading a great book or kicking your career into high gear - "Radical Careering". Its 100 modern job-related truths. My personal favorite: Being stuck in a crap job isn't your fault. Staying in a crap job is. Anyway, I thought it was really cool so I wanted to share the link...
  15. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    In my dental floss thread, Kimberlina very intelligently mentioned keeping some dental floss gear for a little discreet flossing. I remembered my thing of having a manicure set with me in the glove box. I also have a zippered binder with handles (similar to flylady office in a bag, but...
  16. Health and beauty
    I am soooooooooooo stuck. I can't get past 13 pounds --- well, in fact, I've gained a couple back --- at least according to this morning's weigh in. And here are the main reasons for being stuck ---- The family bought ice cream over the weekend, and I admit I've had a couple of bowls...
  17. General Chat
    We live in a new development of houses, and of course we knew there would be construction here for the next few years as ours was one of the first houses built. What we didn't expect was that the constructions guys would have no respect whatsoever for the people who do live here already.  Today...
  18. Lifestyle Articles
    We all tell ourselves lies, about ourselves. I cringed when I first thought about it. But we all do it. Tell ourselves things about ourselves that aren’t true. You know the voice that says, ‘I’m insecure’ or ‘I don’t know how to handle money’ or ‘I’m no good at making friends’ or ‘I’ll never...
  19. Just Tips
    I don't know if I have posted this before or not, so here it goes.......... If you have burned food in your baking dishes, or skillets, fill with warm water and add a tbsp of Biz and let soak for 10-15 minutes, then wash pan.....Stuck/burnt on food will wipe right off.........;)
1-19 of 26 Results