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  1. General Chat
    I was thinking about want, about its definition. In A Christmas Carol want was one of the wretches of mankind It is said that the poor are in want. The rich in classic tales are said to be in want of nothing. So I looked up the definition of want it does mean a desire but it also means lack...
  2. Religion
    As I mentioned in my way too long previous thread, I have been called back to Christianity by Jesus. About a week before Kyle and I broke up, He seemed to be everywhere I looked. Now I find myself in prayer for several hours a day, reading the Bible daily, and thinking clearer and more sound...
  3. Sewing
    Any one want patterns to reversible pads for your swiffer? Or re-usable cover for the wet jet?
  4. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    This is going to be a touchy subject, and I hope no one takes offense to this. I have never experienced homelessness, thankfully, but I've been in situations where I couldn't afford food after all the other bills and such. I know what it's like to be freezing because you can't afford heat, to...
  5. Education
    It is a toss up between math and science. Both kids love science, I'm always afraid we will blow something up with experiments. Math, I never liked.
  6. Education
    Hands down, history/geography. It has become our favorite time of the day.
  7. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    I read this with my morning coffee and thought that it was worth sharing here.  It's a little quiz that I think is well worth takeing and reading. As unemployment in America hovers near the 6 percent mark, being laid off or fired has become a real-life nightmare for many people who depend on a...
  8. Education
    Mine has got to be math, hands down. I'm not good at math and thank goodness for the teacher's books and websites that help in the math area. It also helps that I have a savant in math. Whats your most challenging area you find in teaching your kids at home?
  9. Education
    For us, it's almost certainly math. We're using Saxon, and, by the time we do the meeting strip, the lesson, and the worksheets, it's rare to take less than 45 min. And we often take an hour.
  10. Education
    Homeschooling or public school? Ds#1 - loves math Ds#2 - loves playing Dd loves history and science How about your kids?
  11. Education
    Math - I've never liked it, don't enjoy teaching it and yet our ds#1 is a whiz at it. That isn't because of me, but because he can grasp the concepts by himself without any help from me. You?
  12. Education
    Mine has got to be Language Arts and History. Its interesting, I hated History in school, but I'm enjoying what we are now doing during out homeschool day. What about you?
1-12 of 14 Results