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  1. Candy making
    Hi there. Does anyone know where I can buy a hard candy flat round lollipop mold with more than 6 cavities? A dozen+ would be great. I'm assuming that people who have candy businesses make more than 6 suckers at a time so these molds must exist. I've searched online with no luck.
  2. General Chat
    finally almost out of debt from bailing younger ds out of money troubles which he still owes us most of the money And #1 ds called they have major problems and I helped them out getting a major loan.... personal loan for 6 years at 5.99% payments will be 1/2 of what they have now . I hope I...
  3. News you can use
    Why you're a big sucker Bet you think you spend money pretty sensibly. Well, Dan Ariely would bet you don't. A noted behavioral economist with current posts at MIT and Duke, Ariely has been proving for years that consumers often spend more when they plan to spend less.
  4. Leisure & Media Arts
    Well after trying on a dress that I "thought" would fit it didn't because of my c-section flab that hangs over the incision... "go figure"..... My co worker said there was this thingamajig flab picker upper that Oprah recommends.... Do you know the name of it? I didn't know how to really title...
  5. General Chat
    The preschool where I work 2 days a week, and where DD#2 goes to school, had a silent auction. Each class did a project with the kids hand prints etc. Our class made a floor cloth and kitchen towels. I did the kids handprints and them made them into butterflies and flowers. Well, DD#2s class...
  6. Family
    I was almost laughing too hard to get the pic!
  7. General Chat
    I'm so mad, and maybe I shouldn't be, but I am....... I tried to do a nice thing and again it backfired on me.... I was making some Hershey's Kiss Roses for Valentine's day...... Knowing that Wal*mart does so many things for charity, I offered to make a dozen that they could use in a small...
1-7 of 7 Results