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  1. Health and beauty
    Hey guys, Sue Devitt Beauty is offering 20% off products site wide until 12/5: Enjoy :clap:
  2. Secondhand Shopping
    Oh my goodness! I went yard saling today and probably spent a little too much, but oh my goodness the bargains I got! Let's see if I can remember it all. From Salvation Army: old sewing machine base "New Home" with wood table top attached where the machine used to be $10 Pair of jeans for...
  3. Education
    I recently bought this book by Sue Patrick detailing her workbox system. It seems easy enough and I think we're going to try it. Does anyone here use this system? Just curious.
  4. Money challenges
    Okay - I've been plunking along trying to pay the bills with no real budget on paper. Seems like the money never lasts till the end of the month. This has got to stop. Sooooo- this month of december I will write down every penny I spend, with the ultimate goal of getting a budget together. No...
  5. News you can use (NaturalNews) A pair of North Dakota hemp farmers have filed suit in the U.S. Court of Appeals to overturn a federal ban on the production of commercial hemp. North Dakota is the only state that allows the cultivation of industrial hemp, and the state...
  6. Freebies
    I found a link to one free download from another site. I went over to the Sue Gregg site and found quite a few more. Here are all the freebies you can download. These are sampler recipe books(not full editions): Holiday Menus Weight Management Breakfasts Whole Grain Baking Weight Management...
  7. Freebies
    #6, #7, and #8 must be completed for your Sampler Request to be fulfilled. Materials mailed to US addresses who give detailed responses (Question #6).
  8. News you can use
    Smashing Pumpkins sue over 'integrity' Read full story for latest details.
  9. News you can use
    Pension plans sue Yahoo for spurning Microsoft Two Detroit pension funds say Yahoo's board breached its duties to shareholders when it rejected a takeover by Microsoft. </img>
  10. News you can use
    Court says 401(k) participants can sue plan administrators The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that individual participants in the most common type of retirement plan can sue under a pension ... </img>
  11. Quilting
  12. Freebies
  13. Leisure & Media Arts
    I borrowed some books from the library by her, but haven't read them yet. I'm hoping they are good reads. :)
  14. Quilting
  15. Leisure & Media Arts
    Has anyone read her books? They are great! Each book is a letter of the alphabet...A is for Alibi, B is for Burglar, C is for corpse and so on. They are mystery books with the same character, private investigator Kinsey Millhone. I loooove these books, I am addicted. So far I have read, A...
1-15 of 16 Results