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  1. Home Environment
    DD wore her new (faux) Uggs today and somehow got grease on them. Any idea how to get it off?
  2. Freebies
    “Inspired by the smooth texture of worn-in suede and the crisp air of autumn, this newest scent is a sultry blend of warm woods and leather.”
  3. General Chat
    I was at TJ Maxx this morning and I found a great deal on winter suede boots...too cute for Anyway they have a few blue pen marks on them. And I was wondering if anyone knew what I can use to remove them without damaging the suede? Or at least make the marks less noticeable.
  4. Question and Answer
    DD#1's sofa has dried blood on it from moving the other day. Any ideas how to get it off? Also, there seems to be some food/drink item that is stuck to the side of it. Any ideas how to get that out? Thanks.
  5. Secondhand Shopping
    at the Thrift Store for $6.99. In the process of cleaning them I lost some of the 'suede' off the heel. Can I replace the heels? or should I just leave them and hope noone notices. I'm wearing them in dim light at a wedding/reception in December, with a long dress.
  6. Leisure Articles
    Once you've decided to sew with real or fake leather or suede, the next step is knowing how to choose the correct leather or suede for your project. While patterns usually indicate fabric measured by the yard, most leather is sold by the square foot. To calculate the number of square feet...
1-6 of 6 Results