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  1. What's for dinner
    We had leftover enchiladas with blanched broc. Dad made mashed taters to go with it - don't ask! :laugh:
  2. Homesteading and gardening
    I'm starting to plan for my garden for the spring. The basics are: a long narrow balcony, facing Northeast, gets medium sun from sun-up til about 11am, then very quickly fades. We live in a Mediterranean climate so should be able to grow pretty much everything, but the sun is an issue because...
  3. What's for dinner
    I have country bean soup w/ sausage in the crockpot to serve up with cheesy garlic bread.
  4. What's for dinner
    We're planning on grilled sausages in buns w/leftover veggie-bean soup and garden salad for dinner :)
  5. What's for dinner
    So far, we're planning on grilled sausages w/buns or perogies or tater salad with leftover garden salad :)
  6. What's for dinner
    What is everyone having for dinner tonight? We had planned on grilled burgers however I think we're going to have the Costco rotisserie chicken purchased on Friday afternoon. I believe leftover grilled veggies, diced tomatoes and possibly garlic toast will be on the menu as well. Leftover...
  7. Freebies
    Happy Easter to all our fans and have we got an Easter surprise for you. Stop back this Wednesday 4/27 at 12 noon Eastern Time when we'll be giving away 5400 Downy Sun Blossom samples! We'll see you then. Downy - Wall | Facebook
  8. Green Living
    In the late 70's early 80's I had a clear glass one gallon jar and use it to make sun tea. I filled it up with water and put 3 tea bags and stuck it out side in the sun for a couple of hours or desired color or strength. Was wondering if anyone else use to do this.:sun:
  9. Freebies
    Predict this year’s US Open Snowboarding Championship winners in the 4 categories listed and be entered to win a Burton backpack filled with swag from Shiseido and Burton. Everyone who enters will receive a complimentary sample of Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream SPF 55. * Shiseido &...
  10. What's for dinner
    I guys! I've had very low internet until it refreshed today, so only did my basic emails etc for the last week and a bit. Tonight is rissoles and vegies for dinner.
  11. What's for dinner
    It's my baby boys 15th birthday today!!!! OMG one more year and he can drive aarrrrggghhhhhh! :) His request is Apricot Chicken, we'll have some rice and veg with it too. Was meant to make his fave boost ice cream cake but I forgot the ingredients and no money to get them. So we came up with a...
  12. What's for dinner
    Brians rosters changed again so he doesn't work 2 on 2 off. we'll only get our sunday roast 2 weeks in 6 now. So tonight is steak and veg.
  13. What's for dinner
    Just starting this thread for the day. I do not know what we are having here as I do not feel well. Last night was canned soup and it maybe a repeat again tonight.
  14. What's for dinner
    Roast Pork and the usual suspects. Might make an apple crisp and some custard for dessert
  15. What's for dinner
    Corned Beef in the cp and vegies with onion sauce
  16. What's for dinner
    Rissoles and veg. Pageant night last night and we went to the pub for snitzel. Chicken snitzel with Cranberry glaze for me and with garlic prawns for Brian. Kids had nuggets and chips. So no roast. Pageant lat nigth and Brians working today and tomorrow so roast on tuesday
  17. What's for dinner
    Steak, potato bake, carrots and broccoli with mushie gravy
  18. What's for dinner
    Well today is going to be 30C, a little cooler than yesterday but still hot. So we might head to the beach later. Either way we are having a BBQ. The roast chook can wait til tomorrow.
  19. What's for dinner
    Roast Pork and veg. Cold and dreary here today so just the thing. Am thinking of making an apple and sultana streudle thing but using my scroll recipe.
  20. What's for dinner
    Rissoles and veg
1-20 of 192 Results