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  1. General Chat
    ...I'm so excited!!! With DH's stakeholder cheque and income tax money coming in within the next couple months, we're going to have a full $1,000 EF, bought a bunk bed for our girls and paid off almost all of our debt!!!!! With more work and focus on our debt for the few months after that...
  2. General Chat
    Okay, I know for many of you it is no big deal. But I live on the south side of Houston Texas (less than 50 miles from the Gulf of Mexico). I have seen snow HERE around 5 or so times in my lifetime (54 years). Luckily I work from home and hubby is off on Fridays. The freeways will be an...
  3. Family
    Beware - this is a LONG vent!!! My oldest son is getting married in Sept. We think that the girl he is getting married to is extremely nice and is well suited to him and with a bit of luck, they should have a good life together. We are looking forward to the wedding. There are however 2...
  4. General Chat
    Got my bill yesterday. Besides my electric use there is a $11.60 customer fee AND a $24.71 gas fee. So therefore if I don't use any electricity at all for the month I still have to pay $36.31. The gas fee is for them coming out and reading my meter. My neighbor who lives just straight across the...
  5. Utilities
    Ceiling fans, in the summer with the a/c on? Clock wise or counter clockwise?????:ponder:
  6. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    As a teenager of course. Or maybe as an adult.:D I did. I threw a huge party for my 17th b-day. Invited everyone I could think of and they invited everyone they could think of. We were drinking and dancing having a good ol' time. Until a couple of the guys, who were drunk, got into a fight and...
  7. General Chat
    Then why are all these people in my town??? Did everyone come here to visit or something? The girls and I went to the library and the traffic is horrendous! I thought people would be on the road already, but apparently they are just driving around our town. Nothing worse than being stuck in...
  8. General Chat
    Hey Debbie - its been a week - where are you ?? I hope you are not dancing around in cocnut shells all tan and loopee on Mai Tai's!!! :loop:
  9. Health and beauty
    I once heard it was 8, 8 oz glasses. Is that the recommendation?
1-9 of 10 Results