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  1. General Chat
    I know it is very cold. But DH has a job offer and I would love any input from anyone who lives there or has been there. What are rents like, food costs etc. Dh would probably fly in and out weekly or biweekly, because we wouldn't want to move the kids at first. Anyone have any suggestions good...
  2. West Pals
    Anyone living in the Los Angeles area or surrounding area? I am in the Antelope Valley. brook
  3. Home and Family
    In Search of an Ideal Surrounding: A Charming Town or a Compelling State of Mind By Gail R. Fraser One common challenge we all face is to find spiritual, mental and physical sanctuary during these extraordinarily chaotic times - to discover, within the rough seas, our own...
  4. General Chat
    There is a chance that my Husband may be transferred there and I would like to know housing costs school information and all that good stuff.
1-4 of 4 Results