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  1. General Chat
    Every allergy season it feels like I will never make it though. I want to move to the North Pole and ask Santa if he will take me in. Or find a Arctic exploration science team to work for. How do you make it though allergy season?
  2. Frugal Living
    Do you think there is a difference is what you/one needs to survive and what you/one need to thrive?
  3. Financial hardship
    We are in the process of a Deed in lieu - hopefully on our home. We are waiting for the determination from the Mortgage company. If this doesnt happen, it will be considered a foreclosure. We have tried to sell/short sale the property. however, this is not really what my question is...
  4. Health and beauty
    I have panic attacks when I am tired out. I know how to prevent them. I have to talk to someone just to keep my mind going. After a while they do go away. I know that I have to get enough sleep each night so I can prevent them from coming on. I would like to know how everyone else gets through...
  5. General Chat
    some handy tips courtesy of one of my graphic design buds. enjoy.
  6. Financial hardship
    Many of you know my husband had to close his non medical transportation company and laid off 15 employees; The depression and sense of failure not only for our selves but the employees we let down. I got thinking why not ask for tips on how to survive unemployment. With the economy right now...
  7. Frugal Living
    *Spin off of $10 gas thread* Say if all modes of transportation were gone (or too expensive) and you could only travel as far as you could walk... so say 5-12 miles from your *current* house/residence. Do you live within 10 miles of what you need to survive? Would you be comfy? If you...
  8. News you can use
    Savers survive Fed cut The Federal Reserve doesn't do savers any favors when it lowers its target for the federal funds rate. Fortunately, financial institutions are clamoring for deposits and offer high-yield CDs, savings or money market accounts.
  9. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    I've mentioned this before..I am a firm believer that this is what our future holds for alot of people..Whats your input?
  10. Freebies
    Youth Ministry Leaders Request Your Free Survive DVD! Request Your Free Survive Youth Ministry DVD Survive Youth Ministry Video Resources * Watch the Survive Promo Video - Long Version * Watch the Survive Promo Video - Short Version * The Office - Short Version (See the whole thing when you...
  11. Frugal Living
  12. Frugal Living I liked the article but she used to spend $1,000 a month for food??!!! :nerv: You have got to be kidding me!:screwy:
  13. Lifestyle challenges
    could you survive? UPDATED I am going to be very busy over the next three weeks, so busy that I've decided not to waste any time shopping.  I decided last night that we'll survive on what we have in the house and the backyard for those three weeks. Does anyone care to join me in this...
  14. Frugal Living
    Could you survive on min wage? The FX network is running a new series called 30 days, starring Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me) The first show had Mr. Spurlock and his fiancee working min wage jobs. They lived in Columbus, Ohio for 30 days. I went to the network's web site and found this...
  15. Homesteading and gardening
  16. Preparedness and Survival
    Do you have any survival skills you can pass on to your kids? Not just survival in a catastrophic sense but also in a family crisis sense. For instance, could your kids look after themselves for a few hours if the worst happened to you and your DH. Could they last for more than a few hours if...
  17. Frugal Recipes, Leftovers, Budget Meals
    by Louise Newton 1975 When money is really tight it is MOST important that your meals should be something everybody will look forward to. This CAN be done with ALMOST no money just look at the DELICIOUS food eaten by the poorest of people in areas that have a TRADITION of good cooking. TWO...
  18. Support
    Kathryns pregnacy :D  Last night at my moms he told her if the baby cried as much as she talked he was giving it up for adoption LMAO She may kill him before the baby is born.
  19. Stay at home moms
    Once when I was really sick with asthma I took a year off of work and had to really struggle living on next to nothing. I was so happy to have a stocked pantry full of tp, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, pasta, tomato sauce & veggies. I also really learned who my REAL friends are. I learned a lot...
  20. Simple Living
    Thoreau went to Walden's pond to get away from it all but he didn't spend his lifetime there. If I remember right, he spent a couple of years. He went to learn about himself, to get away from it all. Awe the peace and quiet ~ to be able to hear ~ to be able to think and dream. If you...
1-20 of 22 Results