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  1. General Chat
    Not sure where to put this post. Depending on where you're at, Hancocks Fabrics is having their "Clean Sweep" sale on their fabrics. Last year the sale ran all the way after Memorial Day. You can snag all sorts of fabric for $1 a yd on up. I've already found some great buys on flannel for making...
  2. Utilities
    How do you clean your chimney if there aren't any chimney sweepers anymore?
  3. General Chat
    Details and to enter on my blog: BISSELL Steam & Sweep contest | Frugal Village
  4. Lifestyle challenges
    I loved that show! Peter Walsh is great in it, even though his books are We are planning a garage sale in 3 weeks. I'm going through the house and decluttering brutally. Any one else up to a quick and brutal decluttering challenge? I'm starting tomorrow. Getting pricing labels...
  5. Freebies
    Pond's Clean Sweep Towelettes (you don't need a Costco #)
  6. News you can use
    Cash sweep accounts study results Bankrate surveyed the top brokerages to determine how much interest they pay on money invested in a cash sweep account.
  7. News you can use
    Cash sweep accounts spark lawsuit Critics claim that several brokerages sweep the money into their own banks, profiting off clients' excess cash while doling out minimal interest to the customer. A class action suit has been filed.
  8. News you can use
    Exclusive: Cash sweep accounts Brokerage firms hold your uninvested cash in a money market account. Do you know how much interest you're earning? Do you have an option?
  9. Home and family challenges
    Starting out small again to get myself moving. :lol: Lauren Read through magazine/Brenda Call Kathy/platt book/primer/our house Decide where to put boxes Straighten bed/fold blankets Make inspection list
  10. Home and family challenges
    Here's my Friday's list ... we'll see how much I actually get done of it though. :lol: Lauren Play Netwinner Get weighed/post it Write out money order Call to see about CATA bus Write out b.d. card for Ralph Supper at Brenda's [4:45 p.m.] Finish painting table Check on Clara Call...
  11. Home and family challenges
    Here's my list for Thursday ... Lauren Get weighed/post it Clean and shine sink Make out Walmart list Call Kathy Write list/Attorney Call attorney Supper with Bruce Signing class - 4:00 p.m. Read my bible Get divorce papers ready to mail Buy money order or pay via debit card? Call...
  12. Home and family challenges
    Here's my list for today. Lauren Play Netwinner Write in timber leads Returns to Rite Aid Sweep & Mop kitchen Read my bible Prayer time Get papers from office [Gary] Call with ?'s about divorce Read magazine & pass on Clean 5 papers off desk Catch up on rss feeds Write out b.d...
  13. Home and family challenges
    After a few days of not posting a list, I realized that I really do need one! :lol: Lauren [ ] Get weighed/post it [ ] Play Netwinner [ ] Make Bruce's b.d. card out [ ] Check Gary's papers [fill them out] [ ] Read over & start div. papers [ ] Call Kelly about reunion [ ]...
  14. Home and family challenges
    No energy whatsoever but have to get busy anyways. ;) [ ] Do 1st "5" [ ] Clean papers off table [ ] Pick up cat toys [ ] Vacuum [ ] Call Kelly [ ] Return stuff to Rite-Aid [ ] Call prescriptions in [ ] Re-read d. papers [ ] Re-write Walmart list [this weeks] [ ] Clean off...
  15. Home and family challenges
    Didn't get much done yesterday but will try again today with a smaller list and see how it goes. Call Kayla [her b.d.] Put c/o's in purse Take Parker's payment down Call Kelly Go to Bi-lo Buy stamps Take 50 cents to office [cable] Write out 20 leads Call Kee Pick up 10 things Have a...
  16. Home and family challenges
    Here's my list for today ... I'm hoping I have enough energy to get it all done. :lol: Lauren [ ] Call Kelly about reunion [ ] Bible Study: 2:00 p.m. [ ] Have G. get papers from office [ ] Call P. & K. - Which book to start with? [ ] Wash dishes [ ] Look at Sunday's coupons [...
  17. Home and family challenges
    I'm way late in getting my list up so am gonna just make a small one for now but may add more later. Love, Lauren Put Walmart stuff away Balance checkbook Write rent & cable checks out Count change for change jar Make bed
  18. Home and family challenges
    Hi! I hope you don't mind my joining in and putting my list up for tomorrow. I'm a person who has to have lists or nothing gets done [and sometimes not a lot gets done with a list either. *lol*] Love, Lauren [ ] Vanessa - 4:00 p.m. [ ] Write checks out for bills [July] [ ] See...
  19. Home and family challenges
    Not sure how much at all I'll get done today ... I barely slept last night at all, I went to bed around 1:30 a.m. and then was up from that time - every hour and so I finally got up just before 6:00 a.m. I'm dragging butt today for sure but am gonna try to get at least something done today. :)...
  20. Home and family challenges
    Have a good day, friends! Love, Jennelle [ ] Take meds [ ] Refill meds [ ] Get weighed [ ] Make bed [ ] Do face [ ] Check calendar [ ] Check "tickler file" for July stuff [ ] Take chair seat to Brenda to re-do [ ] Read/delete 10 rss feeds [ ] Vacuum livingroom [ ]...
1-20 of 66 Results