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  1. Calculations and Alternatives
    I've seen all the "swiffer" refills that you can sew or crochet. But being the lazy person that I am, I tried something simpler. I cut a piece of fleece the same size as the purchased refill sheet and attached it to the sweeper the same way. I was AMAZED at the amount of dust & cat hair that it...
  2. Home Environment
    I don't know if this has been posted before... I stumbled across a blog post this morning showing how to DIY reusable Swiffer cloths. My supermarket sells a store brand of them which are very inexpensive and I buy those (we have tile floors and no vacuum so they are a lifesaver!) but this would...
  3. Freebies
    – Starting May 10, 2011 Swiffer - Duster Giveaway | Facebook “Like” Swiffer on Facebook and on May 10, 2011 they will begin giving away 100,000 FREE Duster Kits (25,000 each week).
  4. Question and Answer
    does anyone know if you can "refill" the original bottles with your own cleaner? i like the swifter and the smell of the cleaner but they are so costly i wonder if the bottles are able to refilled at home
  5. Freebies
    A bunch of new patterns for reusable swiffer cloths added! Who doesn’t hate paying money for swiffer cloths that you just end up throwing out? Here are a few ideas for making reusable ones from cloth plus a bunch of knit, crochet & sewing patterns to make your own...
  6. Needle Arts Site with a ton of both crochet & knit patterns:
  7. Sewing
    from a men's pullover. I posted the insanely easy tutorial on my blog: ~
  8. Green Living
    War on non-green products! Get green with your wet jet covers: Instead of trying to take off the jug of cleanser use an exacto knife or similar make a big enough x to hold a rubber drain plug. Re-fill with natural cleaners. For Swiffer: I bought...
  9. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    Okay, so I'm thinking of getting something to replace my old mop&bucket. The only place I mop is my kitchen... everywhere else has carpet basically. So, what's the difference? Can one or the other be used w/some of the mop liquids I have on hand already? One more cost effective than the other...
  10. Make It Yourself
    does anyone make their own wet jet floor cleaner? I am disabled and because of my back I can not sweep with a broom. Something about the side to side motion. But, I can use a swiffer. It's expensive for the liquid. Just wondering if someone knows how to make their own. Gail
  11. Make It Yourself
    Just save your old fabric softener sheets, I use Snuggle, now one alone isn't quite big enough to cover the whole Swiffer, but I take two of them side by side and overlap them so it covers the whole thing, they are long enough to hook into the little slots.
  12. Sewing
    My wheels have been turning. Can anyone think of a pattern for a swiffer wet jet pad? I was thinking an old diaper but I don't have access to any. Would I need velcro to make it stick? I think I could use recycled towels/clothing of some sort. Any suggestions? If I come up with anything...
  13. Hobbies This site gives you different ways to make your own swiffer sweeper from things you already have at home. Sondra
  14. Make It Yourself
  15. Frugal Living
    Does anyone own a swiffer wet jet? I love mine cuz it's quick. The thing I don't like is buying refill bottles... mine only last me a few cleanings. Plus the pads are expensive. So.... I ran out of the liquid and couldn't get to a store - really wanted to get floor cleaned without mop (it's a...
  16. Sewing
    Has anyone attempted to make the duster? I have four handles but have run out of the duster itself. With my allergies I need to kep ontop of the dust but I just cant see myself paying the price for the refill kit. Any help would be appreciated. Barbara
  17. Freebies
    i love this stuff. i already bought refills after using the previous sample
  18. Freebies
  19. Freebies
  20. Freebies
    Free Swiffer Wet Jet for giving feedback.
1-20 of 36 Results