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  1. Support
    I received an email this morning from a friend of Tammy's letting me know that Tammy's mom passed away on Saturday. The funeral is today. As some of you may know Tammy's dad passed away in January with many family problems arising from that. Tammy, with only Steve by her side is having to deal...
  2. Leisure & Media Arts
    My personal favorites are the Enzyte Male Enhancement commercials. Those things are hilarious with all the "little" inuendo. :hubba: Anybody else notice these ones? I wish the people who wrote these would write for Sonic.....for goodness sake..... .
  3. Health and beauty
    I hope you are feeling better.  :well: :flowers:
  4. Support
    Hi Tammy :hugz: I was thinking about you and wondering how Steve's father is doing.... Sending love and prayers to your family. :heartsm:
  5. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    I hope you have a wonderful day, Tammy! You deserve it! :cake: :candle:  :present:
  6. General Chat
    Tammy, How close will Ivan come to you? I know you will be affected with the winds and rain, but where is it in connection with where you live? Stay safe my friend and check in when you can! Love ya! :smooch:
  7. Health and beauty
    Tammy, call me crazy but I think I'm gonna give this a try on my elbow *update* I sure hope it works.....for the pain that is :lol: I'm going to town later to get some.........I'll be a lettin' ya know;) If it does work, I have some other places I'll try it to (aches and pains....)...
  8. Frugal Living
    The coupons, stickers, pencil and flower seeds arrived today!!! Thank you so much!!!! I just gotta know, where did you find the cute Winnie the Pooh tape???? I've never seen it before. :hug2:
  9. General Chat
    Tammy how are you and little Jayme doing? I think of you often and miss you on the boards. Hope everyone is doing well, especially Jayme. Give her a :hug2: from her adopted grandma. :hug2:
  10. General Chat
    :hugz: Tammy, I've been praying for sweet little Jayme and wondering how she is doing. Were you able to bring her home yet? How are the rest of you doing? Please know that I love you and will keep on praying!:angel2: I wish I could be there to take some pressure off you and Steve.
  11. General Chat
    You are beautiful, thanks for sharing "you"!!:smball:
  12. General Chat
    I love your new avatar!!! That picture of Jayme is adorable. (as are all the others you've used) :smball:
  13. Kitchen Basics
    What foods have you not tried but would liike to? For me there are not many. Beefalo is one, a cross between reg beef and buffalo I wouldn't mind trying emu If I think of more I will add on. Who's next? :D
  14. FV Neighborhoods
    I love the bulletin board. It is just perfect to put next to my computer. This will be great for the little notes to myself!!! Also that candle smeels heavenly!!! Did you make it??? I also love the nice goodies...spray and lotion, can never have too much This package made my day. When I saw...
1-14 of 21 Results