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    OK! Not quite sure how to word this, but here goes! I have been purging areas of my home lately and have come across an item that I cant really sell online (havent dared try!) nor give away to just anyone. No one I know uses this brand either.....yup - Tampax Tampons. LOL (not the compact - the...
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  5. Freebies Sign up now to get a free sample of our improved Tampax Cardboard with new three-way leak protection: Built-in Backup™ Skirt Absorbent Core Anti-Slip™ Grip
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    Free Teen Beauty Sample Kit w/ Tampax Pearl and Always Pad :rose::rose:
  7. Freebies Regular and Pearl.
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  9. Freebies i hope i posted the empty form.
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    Get a free sample package of Tampax Pearl Tampons
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1-15 of 15 Results