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  1. Clay Pot Crafts
    I worked on these all weekend!! Took those tiny tiny terra cotta pots, wrote the names of my plants on them with a terra cotta paint pen. Then I painted little flowers on each. I'm no artist, so I did the best I could to do a likeness of the flower. Then with wire, I twisted two strands...
  2. Clay Pot Crafts,,HGTV_3352_1399596,00.html
  3. Clay Pot Crafts
    This would be cute to make for Easter and/or leave out all spring.
  4. Clay Pot Crafts
    There are lots of projects in the Project Library at the bottom of the page!!
  5. Clay Pot Crafts
    it's so easy to make your own fountain.,,HGTV_3433_1373824,00.html
  6. Baking Breads
    I have heard of using a flowerpot, but how about the saucer? Has anyone tried this? Sara
1-6 of 6 Results